Tips to maximize the social media (last of two parts)

In my previous article (Making use of the social media) you learned the basics of maximizing the advantages and benefits of social media for the expansion of your business and the promotion of your products and services. This week Angel Abella of the Google Business Group Davao shares with us tips when using the social media:

1. Always make sure the contents you post on your social media accounts are related to your business.

Angel said what is always being missed out by businesses when posting links or photos is they do not include a description or are not relevant to the establishment and its products and services.
“Their posts do not tell a story as to how that post relate to their business,” Angel said.
Businesses should treat their post like a mini press release that has the basic details on it. At the same time the post is relevant to the business and delivered to the audience in a creative manner that is also fitting to the business and its products and services.

2. Facebook is a powerful tool

Facebook is a good stepping stone for those who want to promote their business on social media. However, Angel underscored the importance of setting up a Facebook Page of your business rather than setting it up as a personal profile.

She said when your business is a Facebook page, you will be able to view the statistics like the demography of those who like your posts and what time has the most visits, among others. The statistics will be useful in crafting and finding the right post and releasing it at the right time.
You are also able to compare the analytics with your competitors that have their own Facebook page.

3. Use a hashtag (#)

This what we used to call then the pound sign or the number sign. Now it is used to promote businesses, products, and services (e.g. #KarinderiaNiAlengNena, #NewToyShop, etc.). It is also used to describe an event or experience (e.g. #kulba or #party).

“Hashtags are powerful, when you click it, you will be able to see all the photos and posts related to it. Sometimes other visitors will get to see your posts and invites them to talk to you,” Angel said.

4. Diversify your social media platform

Though Facebook is a good way to start when promoting your business and its products and services in the World Wide Web, Angel recommends that businesses should also diversify the social media platforms they use.
For example, business can also use Instagram, which is more visual and can be another effective tool in promoting your products and services. Add a hashtag to your post, then it can be seen by many.

Businesses can also use video-sharing website YouTube, who has a lot of subscribers and we all know for a fact that once your video goes viral, it will reach millions of people. Angel said YouTube is also a good platform when businesses want to give their customers tips and tutorials that may interest them. She said YouTube also has special programs for its users that will encourage them to post more videos.

5. It is not just a matter of posting content

Aside from creating a whole new experience for your customer, there is also a science when it comes to posting contents on your social media page. Angel said it is important for businesses to understand and study their analytics and also learning different marketing skills and principles.

She also said it is key to study your target market to be able to effectively communicate with them.

6. Welcome your followers as family

It is important that you treat your followers as a community or society. Angel said do not only hard sell to them your products and services but also soft sell it to them. Hard sell is simply stating the facts (e.g. what the product or service is and how much it is) while soft sell is creating a story for every post which in turn will provide an experience for your customers and followers.

Angel said the basic principles of customer service even applies in the social media like treating your customers right and responding to them quickly.

“If there is a bad review, respond to it right away and be responsible and apologize to it. Accommodate them and try to make the experience better. The moment you respond they get the feeling that they are being listened to,” she said.

7. Tag the right people to your post

When posting on Facebook or any other social media platform, it allows you to tag other people. Angel recommends that when you post a content on your social media page you tag people, who can potentially share your post.

She said you can ask those who are tagged to also share the post and in return they are given incentives.

Angel shared to us an overlooked trick that many are familiar with but are not maximizing its advantages. For example, you are selling coffee, you can search on Facebook people who are in Davao City who like coffee. When the list of names come out, you can tag people who are not your friends on Facebook but as long as you have mutual friends. You can tag up to 50 people, who has the potential to share your post.

8. Be up to date

Even though there will be very little likes for each post you put up, Angel pointed out that you should post content on your social media account regularly.

She said by posting regularly and being relevant, you are able to keep your followers.

However, if you want to generate the likes you need, which is a good barometer for your social media page, Angel recommends you put up posts at lunch or after 5pm, where most people are free and checking their social media accounts.

9. Be visual in your social media pages

“Be visual because if it is all just text no one will notice you,” Angel said, adding that by have creative and attractive visuals on your social media pages will help you keep your followers.

She said one way to do is you post photos of your business wherein your customers are also featured in the photo.

“It is so simple but people love it when they are in your picture,” Angel said.

10. Use online tools too

We all know that the internet is a treasure throve of resources and information, therefore we should take advantage of some online tools that will helps us become more efficient in using the social media.

One of the online tools recommended by Angel is Hootsuite (, a social media tool for you entrepreneurs that will allow you to manage all of your social media marketing. Among the prime features of the site is it lets you schedule messages, manages your social media account, and helps you measure your social media campaigns to understand what your customers you want.

Another is HubSpot (, “an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.”

I hope these few tips will help you in maximizing the advantages of social media for you to be able to grow your business and reach out to more customers.


Tips to maximize the social media (last of two parts) was published on Sun.Star Davao on September 24, 2015. Web Traveller is my weekly column on the Lifestyle section of Sun.Star Davao.

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