My love for LEGOs

As a kid I grew up playing with LEGO and now that I am a young professional, I still play them. What I really like about this toy is though each set comes with an instruction booklet, you can take the pieces apart and put them back together or combine it with other sets to create something new.

My LEGO sets. The Charizard there is a Nanoblock, not part of the LEGO brand. (Photo by RJ Lumawag)

Though the toy is quite expensive, I think it is a good investment because it will help exercise your brain by letting you think as how you can create new things with the pieces you have. It is also an amazing tool for your imagination.

75072 ARC-170 Starfighter (Photo by RJ Lumawag)

After a month of hectic work and if I have enough cash, I would award myself with one set. This is also one of the things that I am saving up for. I plan to get a bigger set by Christmas especially now that there will be a Doctor Who set coming out. I hope it will be available in the Philippines by then.

60057 Camper Van (Photo by RJ Lumawag)

Playing LEGO blocks is also a form of de-stressing for me. It allows me to stop thinking about stressful things and get away from all the stress since I am only focused on constructing the set or something new out of the sets I have.

Though LEGO is basically for kids, I think we young professionals and adults will also enjoy this toy. Anyway, there are actually adults out there who takes on LEGO seriously that they are able to create something impressive out of it.

To date the Flying Flusher set (70811), which is among the LEGO Movie line, is the set that I enjoyed most. You can transform the car and portable toilet into a plane! I got this for 30% less from Hobbes and Landes!                           (Photo by RJ Lumawag)
The truck and portable toilet now an attack plane. (Photo by RJ Lumawag)
The truck and portable toilet now an attack plane. (Photo by RJ Lumawag)

Here in Davao City, LEGO sets are available at the toy stores in SM Lanang and SM City Davao and at the toys section at the Robinsons Department Store in Abreeza Mall.

If you are in Metro Manila, I recommend you purchase LEGO sets from Hobbes and Landes ( or at the first certified LEGO Store in the PHL at the Park Triangle at the Bonifacio Global City.

To more about LEGO’s history, check out the video below:

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