My Favorite Websites for 2015

THE year is about to end and I have discovered and visited a lot of websites this year. So here are my favorite websites of the year:

Spoon University (

The website features a wide range of food related articles from different college students in the United States. The site features many easy-to-make recipes fitting for students and those beginning to cook. Recipes range from full meals to light meals to desserts to meals that can be done in the microwave. If you have difficulty with following recipes, they also have videos on it that will help guide you. Aside from recipes, the site also contains other food related articles that will inspire and inform you on anything about food.

One Mile at a Time (

I have always been fascinated by air travel and this site further fueled that fascination. Created by Ben “Lucky” Schlappig, the site features detailed trip reports on airlines, airport lounges, and hotels; latest news on the aviation and travel industry; articles, tips, and tutorials on maximizing your mileage and points; and articles on credit cards. My favorite is his travel reports on airlines.

Using his points, Lucky is able to fly on first and business class for free or without shelling out too much cash. Here you get detailed reports on his experience on-board first or business class. The report covers the cabin, seat, service, and food, generally the overall experience on the plane.

Comicbook (
Comicbook features the latest news and updates on pop culture with focus on blockbuster movies, hit TV shows, bestselling video games, anime, and comics, among many others.
Here I was able to see the latest trailer of next year’s most anticipated movies Deadpool and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find The. You are also able to see the latest images of these upcoming films too. Going through the site gets your more excited for whatever movie, TV series, comics, or anime you are anticipating.

Manga Panda (
I love reading manga and this website serves as a repository of it. From old to latest you can find it here. Each manga has a different story and genre that will surely cater to your interests. If you are done watching the anime, which are mainly base on a manga, you can continue reading here.
For example, the moment I was done with the first season of Attach on Titan, I continued reading it here though I had to start to chapter one since there is always a difference between anime and manga. (
This area of 9GAG is one of the best go to site of mine when it comes to viral or trending videos. When in YouTube, I usually have to filter lots of video searching for videos I would like to watch.

Through I am able to watch and select from any trending or viral video of the day or week without going through the large library of YouTube. Also I am able to discover new channels through here.


My Favorite Websites for 2015 was published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on December 31, 2015.

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