Visiting Sea Green Cafe’s new location

Sea Green Cafe has recently transferred to a new location along Jacinto Ext. near Dona Vicenta Village, it is near the Barangay Hall of Barangay 19-B. They also rebranded from Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop to Sea Green Cafe and Boutique Rooms

I visited the place a couple of times already and I have also done a previous review on the cafe last year when they were still in their old location at the Circumferential Road in Marfori. However, I found the urge to simply try them again and also check out the new location.



While the old place was nice, I liked the new location, which is a house, better. The new store is much more spacious and airy due to its size and high ceiling. Its big windows also gives the place ample amount of natural light. At night, I think it is also well lighted.


The new store also features a dining area outside, which looks pretty neat at night.

I still love the interior of the place. It was easy and relaxing to the eyes.


Sea Green Cafe offers healthy delicious meals. Price range for the appetizers, soups, salads, pasta and main courses is from P100 to P400 but there are some options below P100. Desserts are somewhere between P60 to P120. The cafe also serves breakfast, which I hope to try out soon.

In my most recent visit here with a friend, we had the Fried Quesong Puti Sticks (P180) and Seafood Stew (P190) for our appetizers. Then for the main course, I had the Shrimp and Lime Spaghettini (P220) while my friend ordered the Pan Grilled Fish with Cauliflower Rice (P220).

We ended the meal with Banoffee in a glass (P120) and their signature Tablea Cheesecake (P100).

The Fried Quesong Puti Sticks were a delight to eat while waiting for the main course.


The Seafood Stew was divine. At first glance, it seems like a heavy dish but it was bright, light, and flavorful. It also smelled really good. I can have this stew anytime of the day.


The Shrimp and Lime Spaghettini was also delicious.

Shrimp and Lime Spaghettini

My friend also enjoyed his Pan Grilled Fish with Cauliflower Rice. The fish was cooked beautifully and it was also tasty.

Pan Grilled Fish with Cauliflower Rice

The Banoffee was great while the Tablea Cheesecake was as delicious when I first had it.


I was also able to try their all-day breakfast here. However, according to the staff, the options are limited later on the day. Anyway, I had their Fish Flakes Rice Bowl (P220) and Pink Dragon Fruit Smoothie (P180).

I did not know what to expect when I ordered the Fish Flakes Rice Bowl. Unlike the other dishes I had here, it was not the prettiest but it tasted better that it looked. Once I properly mixed all the components, the rice bowl was packed with flavors. The fish flakes were well seasoned and the tomatoes were fresh.

Fish Flakes Rice Bowl

In terms of presentation, the Pink Dragon Fruit Smoothie has got to be one of the most beautiful dishes I’ve had. It was served on a coconut husk and its components were topped on the smoothie. It is not only appealing to the eyes but it was also really good. The toasted coconuts and oats definitely added to the texture of the smoothie. I love the crunch I get after having a spoonful of the smoothie.

Pink Dragon Fruit Smoothie


The service was generally good. The staff were friendly and efficient. I like how after taking my order they would immediately set the table and serve us a glass of water. They were also attentive like leaving a pitcher of water or clearing the plates when we are done.

Food was also served withing 15 minutes.


My recent dining experience here was wonderful. The food was overall great and the service was consistently good.

I really recommend this place if you are looking for healthy delicious meal.


Location: Sea Green Cafe is located along Jacinto Ext., near Barangay 19-B barangay hall.

Business hours: 8:00am to 10:00pm, daily

Contact details: (082) 327 4572


Facebook: Sea Green Cafe + Boutique Rooms

Other details: Aside from offering delicious food at their current location, they also have some boutique rooms that can be booked via or you can email them. Also, based on the photos, their rooms are beautiful and seem cozy to stay in. Below are details of the rooms and photos from their Facebook page:

Rosemary room: 1 Queen sized bed en suite T&B – Php1,800 /night with breakfast for two
Sage room: 2 Semi-double beds en suite T&B – Php2,200 /night with breakfast for
Cilantro room: 2 Queen sized beds – Php3,000 /night with breakfast for four


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