A rainy afternoon at Mugshots Wine and Cafe

(Updated) Since it opened around a year ago, Mugshots Wine and Cafe has become one of my favorite coffee shops in Davao City.

Whenever, I walk along Tionko Ave., either coming home from work or looking for a place to dine, every now and then I find myself at this quaint coffee shop.

Whether I am with friends or alone, I like how the coffee shop has always been welcoming to me.



The place looks nice with its industrial-themed design.

Aside from the chairs and tables on the side, there were also bar tables and stools near the entrance and at the counter. There are also more seats hidden way at the back.


I was also amused that their chairs are made with wood and steel pipes.

I also liked the seemingly comfortable ambiance the place had. The music was not too loud and I was able to catch with some work.

Their comfort room also smelled good and was spotless.

They also have WiFi, which is pretty fast.

Recently, they transferred the bar table and stools near the comfort room from the front of the shop.


For the food, the cafe offers pasta and some appetizers. Their desserts are P50 and above.

For their beverages they have coffee-based drinks, blended drinks, beers, and wines.

During my first visit to the cafe I ordered the Mugchick Nuggets, Lemon square, and Americano. (For my most recent orders, keep on reading)

The Mugchick Nuggets were good. It came with barbecue sauce but I think it was good enough to not need the sauce. However, they stopped serving this already.


The Lemon Square was also a joy to eat. I love lemon squares and this satisfied my cravings. It seems like they are not serving this anymore since I have not seen it on the display case for quite sometime already. However, if available, order the Brownie instead. It pairs well with coffee or beer.


The Americano was also good.


I thought the Lemon Square and Americano were a beautiful pair. They complemented each other nicely.

In my recent visits here, I regularly have their Artisan Brew, an Americano, or a cup of Cappuccino. Recently, the meal that I had here is their Adobo Pasta, which I have been ordering since then.

Artisan Brew

Their Artisan Brew is always fun to have. You get a different experience depending on the coffee beans available. Beau, the owner of the coffee shop, has been kind enough to always explain the beans they have available.


The Cappuccino, one of my favorite espresso-based drinks, is always good. Mugshot’s cappuccino is definitely among favorites in the city.

Adobo Pasta

The Adobo Pasta was simply delicious. It will have you saying, this is Adobo.


The service I experienced during my visits were always good. The staff were also friendly.

Aside from their espresso-based drinks, they also serve beer and other alcoholic drinks. So when you and your friends come here, you have some good options to choose from on what to drink.


Since it opened, Mugshots Wine and Cafe has been a great addition to the coffee shop scene in Davao City. I like how it does not only serve espresso-based drinks as they also have some alcoholic to choose from.

One of the things I really like about the place is it is a coffee shop designed for you and your friends to chill or catch up over a good cup of coffee or beer or whisky.


Location: Mugshots Wine and Cafe is located along Araullo St., corner Tionko Ave. at the ground floor of the former Sunflower Inn building. It is located behind The Griddle and beside One Fab Pooch

Business hours: 9:30am to 12am from Monday to Saturday; closed on Sundays

Facebook: Mugshots Wine and Cafe

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