Lunch at Pyro on a crazy day

It was a rather crazy schedule for me on Friday, July 21. In the morning I had to cover the 4th Davao Investment Conference at the SMX Convention in SM Lanang, Davao City; then try to finish the business page of the newspaper before another coverage at 2:00 PM.

Also for some reason, I happen to got my dates and appointments mixed up on the day. Anyway, the personal mess I got myself into had me running late for lunch at Pyro, which has just reopened on July 21, 2017.


Travelling all the way from SM Lanang, I arrived rather late but just in time for the appetizers.

The meal kicked off with an Octopus Salad (P180), Shrimp and Aligue Pasta (P210), and Thai Shrimp Kebabs (P190).

I missed the salad, so I was not able to take a photo of it but I had a taste of it and it was good and a refreshing way to start the meal.

The Thai Shrimp Kebabs were also pretty good.

Thai Shrimp Kebabs

What I really enjoyed was the Shrimp and Aligue Pasta, which was flavorful.

Shrimp and Aligue Pasta

For the main course, we were served the Pyro Fried Chicken Basket (P320), the Sticky Hoisin Ribs (P300), and the Philly Bulgogi Cheese Steak sandwich (P220).

The Philly Bulgogi Cheese Steak was good. I think the grilled beef bulgogi was well seasoned.

Philly Bulgogi Cheese Steak

The Sticky Hoisin Ribs were also good. I love its glaze, which was really flavorful and I love the balance of sweetness and saltiness of it too.

Sticky Hoisin Ribs

What really stood out to me among the main dishes served was their Pyro Fried Chicken Basket. It was simply a delicious fried chicken.

Pyro Fried Chicken Basket

For dessert, they served four flavors of their homemade ice cream (P85 each) — Criollo Mestizo, Thai Milk Tea, Butterbeer, and Spiced Kalabasa.

Pyro’s ice cream

The Criollo Mestizo is not your typical chocolate ice cream, which is just sweet. This one had the bitterness of the tablea, which I liked about it. It was not a one dimensional chocolate ice cream.

Criollo Mestizo

The Butterbeer really had beer in it. It was quite interesting but tasted good.


The Thai Milk Tea ice cream was very similar in taste to the Thai Milk Tea I used to drink while growing in Thailand. It brought back lots of good memories. This goes way up the list as among my favorite desserts.

Thai Milk Tea

The Spiced Kalabasa was also a joy to eat. I love the kick of cinnamon in it.

Spiced Kalabasa

All four were really good but my favorites were Thai Milk Tea and Spiced Kalabasa.

Lunch at Pyro was such a delight. The food was great and the fellow social media influencers I had lunch with also were fun to be with.

On a separate occasion, I had dinner here at Pyro with a friend a couple of months ago and we also enjoyed our meal here.

Should you be looking for a great place to have a meal with your family, do drop by at Pyro.

Location:  Door 5A Mabini Commercial Complex, Mabini St, Barangay 9-A, Davao City

Business hours: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Thursday; 11:00am to 10:00pm on Friday to Sunday

Contact details:
0942 358 6056

Facebook: PYRO

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