Davao StreatFood Park and Bazaar opens

There’s a new attraction in town for those who are in a constantly in search for good food and want an alternative to the regular fast food chains for dinner.


On Thursday night, August 25, 2017, Mocha Productions has opened the doors of its Davao StreatFood Park and Bazaar, located along J.P. Laurel Ave., in front of Wheels N’ More.

Aside from mainly offering food, there are also other goods that you can buy from the bazaar.

The offerings at the StreatFood Park and Bazaar

Mocha Productions, the group organizing the event, is hoping to stage this activity on a weekly basis.

Refreshing drinks from Lemonaddicts

Aside from the current purveyors they have right now, the organizers are hoping to add more in the weeks to come.

Get messy with Compass’ Sloppy Joe

The bazaar is a great place for you and your friends to drop by at in the evenings to come. Also, if  you want a place to hangout for a couple of minutes while waiting for the Bajada traffic to ease, then you might also want to spend a couple of minutes or an hour here.

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This post is made possible through the partnership of Kape Diaries with Mocha Productions

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