After work hours at Purge Coffee Roaster

While swiping through the Instagram Stories a couple of weeks ago, I discovered a new coffee shop in Davao City.

Located along Tulip Drive, one of the city’s booming food districts, Purge Coffee Roaster caught my attention for their charming interior when I visited their Facebook page.

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the coffee shop with Kape Diaries guest diner and friend, Isa.



I love how homey and cozy the coffee shop is. My first impression of their interior was it looks like a kitchen from a really nice home, which I think gives it its charm. I also love the earthy tones of the interior colors.


I love the Clone Troopers that was at the counter and on the shelf. I think it gives personality to the place. I think the owner is a big Star Wars fan.


Purge Coffee Roaster serves waffles, pastas, and coffee and non-coffee drinks. Their drinks starts at P88 while the food starts at P165.

For our visit here Isa and I went crazy with the waffles — Bacon and Egg (P165); Chicken Pesto and Cheese (P165); and Apple Cinnamon (P165). We also ordered Mum’s Spaghetti (P185).

For our coffee, I had the Filter Brew (P99) while Isa had the Iced Black (P99). The coffee we had, as recommended by the owner, was Ethiopian.


I liked the Mum’s Spaghetti. I find its sauce to be very meaty and flavorful.

Chicken Pesto and Cheese waffle

The Chicken Pesto and Cheese waffle was the best among the three waffles we ordered. The chicken was wonderfully cooked as it was not dry. I also like how the pesto, chicken, and waffles went well together. However, I think it needed more pesto sauce.

Bacon and Egg Waffle

The Bacon and Egg Waffle was also pretty good. I like how they served the egg hard boiled instead of the traditional way, which is either scrambled or sunny side up. I also think this needed more waffle syrup.

Apple Cinnamon Waffle

I am a fan of desserts and pastries with cinnamon and the Apple Cinnamon Waffle did not meet my high expectations. It had the apples but it lacked cinnamon. Even the ice cream does not have any hint of cinnamon in it. I also think this waffle lacked some kind of sauce or syrup.

The coffee we had here was simply good. I think they offer one of the best coffee in the city.

Filter Brew

I also love the presentation of their coffee here. For my Filter Brew, they poured the coffee into this bottle instead of pouring it directly into a mug. They then give you this small coffee cup where you can pour the coffee if you want to start drinking it. Really cute concept.

Iced Black coffee

However, the star of the night in terms of presentation goes to the Iced Black coffee. Instead of traditional ice cubes in a cup, what Purge did is they filled around 1/4 of a whisky glass with water and froze it. When served, the Iced Black Coffee has this ice on the bottom and coffee on top. The ice will slowly rise up to the top as it melts.



The service we got here was pretty good. The staff was very attentive and took really good care of us.

As I mentioned earlier, I find the waffles to be lacking of some kind of sauce or syrup; so I asked if we can have more syrup. They were kind enough to bring us a ramekin of it.

I also like how the owner helped us choose what coffee to have and he did not disappoint us as the coffee we had was really good. He also took time to share to us the kind of flavors we can get from the Ethiopian coffee. I really appreciate when owners take time to have small talk with their customers and share some new things to them.


Overall, Purge Coffee Roaster is a welcome addition to the growing coffee shop scene of Davao City.

I love how charming the place is. Aside from their good coffee, I find the food to be good except for the Apple Cinnamon Waffle.

If ever I find myself in the Southern part of Davao City, I would not hesitate to spend time here.

I would recommend the coffee shop for those who are looking for a place to sit down and chat or have a quick meeting.


Location: GM Bldg; Tulip Drive Fuente-Villa Abrille Subdivision; Matina

Business hours: 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. every Monday to Friday and 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday

Facebook: Purge Coffee Roaster

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