Filipino Food bonanza at Waterfront Insular Hotel

A feast is being prepared for Dabawenyos and guests alike as Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao prepares a special buffet for those who will be dining with them.

Grilled Seafood

Last March 16, 2018, in time for the Araw ng Dabaw festivities, the hotel launched its Filipino Food Fiesta Dinner Buffet at Café Uno. The buffet featured dishes prepared by renowned Filipino chefs, Rolando and Jackie Laudico.

“With Davao being home to abundant and fresh local produce, we are happy to present a mix of flavor and culture to your dining experience starting April 1,” Bryan Lasala, Hotel Manager, said.

To officially launch their Filipino Food Fiesta Dinner Buffet, joining him in a ceremonial breaking of the Salt-Crusted Maya-Maya were guest Celebrity Chefs Rolando and Jackie Laudico who personally prepared the dishes together with Waterfront’s Corporate Chef Giovanni Sias and Executive Chef Bienvenido Chavez.

The Chefs do the ceremonial Breaking of the Salt-Crusted Maya-Maya to officially launch the Filipino Food Fiesta buffet.

Lasala said the food prepared by the chefs are a fusion of Filipino and Mindanawon cuisine, highlighting Maranao and Tausug dishes.

“Everything is done from scratch, using the best quality and seasonal ingredients we can find,” Chef Lau said.

Hotel Manager Bryan Lasala (fourth from right) with the Celebrity Chefs Lau (third from right) and Jackie (second from right) Laudico and the Waterfront culinary team headed by Executive Chef Bienvenido Chavez (third from left) and Corporate Chef Giovanni Sias (fourth from left).

Some of the Maranao and Tausug dishes presented during the launch include Piyanggang Chicken (cooked in coconut milk flavored with burned coconut), Piaparan Shrimps (creamy curried shrimps with grated coconut), Tiyula Itum (beef black soup with burned coconut), Sayur Nangka (young jackfruit curry), and Fish Piyalam (baby Lapu-Lapu in turmeric and lemongrass sauce) among others.

The really delicious Humba

Other dishes that were served during the launch include the Crispy Bacon Bagnet, Grilled Seafood, Barako Pork Belly, Humba, and Lechon Belly. We also saw some unique take on classic Filipino favorites like the sisig baskets, lechon wraps, and Pinoy-inspired Sushi — Adobo Maki, Gambas Temaki, and Tinapa Roll.

Crispy Bacon Bagnet (left) and Lechon Belly (right)

For those who love pasta, there is also pasta station where you can have a pasta of your choice with either Seafood Tuyonesca, Malunggay Pesto and Chorizo de Davao for sauces.

Durian Caramel Cake

For desserts, Chef Jackie highlights the famous Davao Durian with Durian Fruit Pavlova, Durian Tiramisu, Durian Caramel Cake, and Durian Panacotta.

Durian Tiramisu

Every dish that we had was delicious and special in its own way. My personal favorite has got to be the humba, which I could not stop raving about. Their humba was simply delicious. As for the desserts, it has got to be the Durian Caramel Cake. We were also served Pandan juice that was refreshingly good and a great drink to go with the dinner.

Pandan juice

By the end of the night, the guests went home with happy tummies and big smiles on their faces.

Experience Waterfront’s Filipino Food Fiesta Dinner Buffet starting April 1st at Café Uno for a nett rate of P750 nett per person. For inquiries and reservations, call (082) 233 2881 to 83 local 8700.

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