Dining at a student’s budget in CDO

I have visited Cagayan de Oro City a couple of times already but I never had the chance to actually visit places where locals go.

In my recent visit, I had the chance to be able to dine at some of the must go places in Cagayan de Oro City.

My buddy Joseph introduced me Butcher’s Best Barbeque and Chingkee Tea, which are both near Xavier University.

Butcher’s Best Barbeque


I told Joseph to introduce me to a cheap yet delicious restaurant hence he brought me to this barbecue house. True to his word, the price of their food here is quite cheap and very student friendly.

We ordered their Original Pork BBQ (P14/stick), Hot & Spicy Pork BBQ (P14/stick), Grilled Angus Beef Belly (P80), and BB Grilled Pork Belly (P75). The rice is at P15 per cup.

I enjoyed every single one of them! The pork and beef were well cooked and juicy. Though the Hot & Spicy was not very spicy but the sauce was very delicious.

Overall the whole meal was very satisfying and I was really happy that I was introduced to this restaurant.

In terms of service, it was quite fast. I was expecting for the food to arrive in 10 or 15 minutes but it was delivered in less than 10 minutes. I assume that they already have prepared some of their bestsellers for peak hours. The food arrived hot too.

However, in terms of the atmosphere of the place, I think it is not the best place for conversation and chilling.

Chingkee Tea

After the satisfying meal we went to Chingkee Tea, which just a couple of steps away from Butcher’s Best. This shop offers a variety of milk teas and fruit teas, which are sold in two different sizes medium (P60) and large (P70).


What I like about this shop is the feel and ambiance of the whole place, which is hip, young, and relaxing. The design of the place is a mix of vintage and do-it-yourself.

Air-conditioned dining area

I also like the uniqueness of the layout of the place. The entrance is like a garage that will lead you to an open air dining area. At the open air dining area, there is a flight of stairs that will lead you to the air-conditioned area and where you can order your tea.

There are also stalls at the open-air area that sell other delicious goods.

Open-air dining area

Their tea is also quite good in terms of quality and taste. Personally, I really enjoyed the Honey Milk Tea that I ordered. I was not able to take a photo of the drink 😉 .

I find Chingkee Tea a really good place for conversation due to its relaxing atmosphere. This is a really great place to bring your friend after a delicious meal.


If you are looking for a cheap and satisfying meal, you might want to drop by at Butcher’s Best Barbeque.

However, if you just want to chill and relax then go to Chingkee Tea. This place is really good for hanging out with friends.

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