Dinner at Asia’s Latin City

A couple of days ago I was in Zamboanga City for an event my office was organizing. After the activity we wanted to have dinner at some of the must-eat places in the City. First stop was at John’s Grill Haus, which is along Canelar St. and in front of Family Fried Chicken.


If you plan to eat here, you might want to keep an eye of the signage since it looks more like a carenderia than a restaurant. Also the entrance to it makes it look like a small store when it fact it has a bigger dining area when you go in.

The restaurant mainly offers seafood though there are also other kinds of dishes like vegetable.


One of the best things about this simple restaurant is their fresh seafood. Even when you eat here in the evening, the seafood are fresh out of the seas. The freshness of the fishes, squids, and other catches can even be “tasted” at every bite. The fishes are also large in size as compared to what I usually see at the supermarkets or what is being served in the restaurants here in Davao City.

Some of the fresh seafood at John’s Grill Haus

In terms of pricing, it is quite cheap here. For the ten of us, we only paid around P2,000.

After the wonderful dinner, we proceeded to Paseo del Mar (fondly called as Paseo by the locals) for dessert. For those who have been to Paseo know that one of the must eat dessert here is the Knickerbocker, which is the city’s version of a halo-halo. The dessert contains fresh fruits, evaporated milk, jellies, and topped with ice cream.

The satisfying dessert will surely satisfy your sweet tooth and your pockets as it is only priced at P65.

Though we may have only stayed in Zamboanga City for two nights, this one night of dinner at some of the must-eat places in the city definitely satisfied our hungry stomachs.

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