Yellow Hauz gets a new look

A couple of weeks ago, I saw new photos of a newly renovated Yellow Hauz. The homegrown coffee shop has been in Davao City for 11 years and this new look is definitely a refreshing sight.

The new look of Yellow Hauz

I scheduled a visit here to see for myself the new look and get a feel of it.
The coffee shop’s new look is definitely more modern from its previous homier atmosphere. It is now more friendlier to those who are looking for a nice place to study or work. Young professionals and online workers will definetly love the new Yellow Hauz. I also love how brightly lit the coffee shop is.

For my previous dinners here I ordered the Tocino, Chicken Pesto, and Adobo Flakes. For desserts, I had their Blueberry Cheesecake and Cheese Cup.


The Tocino was definitely a hit for me. It was delicious and I love the balance of saltiness and sweetness. Personally, I like a tocino with some burnt sides because I think it adds some flavor.

Chicken Pesto

The Chicken Pesto is quite good because of its sauce. Without the sauce it is just a simple fried chicken. The pesto-mayo sauce was really good. It also came with a side of soup, which was okay.

Adobo Flakes

The Adobo Flakes was also a really great dish. I love how flavorful it was.
I also liked that the rice meals came with a side of diced cucumbers and tomatoes, which I find to be refreshing.

Blueberry Cheesecake

The Blueberry Cheesecake was good but a bit too sweet. However, I liked that it is not simply cheesecake topped with blueberry sauce.

Cheese Cup

The Cheese Cup was really good. I just love how cheesy it was. It pair wonderfully with a cup of coffee.

In terms of service, I think it was good. I do find the staff to be accommodating. I like that they serve you a bottle of water so that you do not have to keep on calling them to refill your glass. The food was also served within 15 minutes.

Yellow Hauz also has WiFi but can get slow when there are a lot of people at the coffee shop. The speed is pretty decent but with the current state of our telecommunications industry, don’t expect really fast internet all the time.

Visit Yellow Hauz at V. Mapa Street, Corner Mabini Street.

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