An exploration of flavors

If you have not been to the Lanang area lately, there is a new restaurant at the Azuela Cove that will have you exploring and discovering some new flavors.

Bite size samples of Lengua Estofado, Pesto Shrimp and Mushroom, and Salmon with Avocado Citrus

Union Market recently had a Degustacion for the members of the media and the blogging community at its newly opened store in Azuela Cove. The restaurant is part of the Blue Post Group of Restaurant Concepts (BPG), a homegrown food company that also brought us the Blu Post Boiling Crabs and Shrimps and Don Antonio’s.

“Union Market, as the two words entail, is a union of different dishes from both the Western & Eastern parts of the world. It highlights the best dishes from Europe particularly Spain, Italy, France and the US as well… Putting it together in one roof makes it a market of choices and allows diners the exciting experience of something new and something different,” the restaurant said in a statement.

Union Market bakes their own breads, which includes these mouthwatering croissants

The restaurant has three components — Pasteleria, Taperia, and Braseria. Pasteleriá are the products of La Rose Noire and choice cakes and pastries; Taperiá are its cured meats and cheeses from international purveyors; and Brasseriá is its Filipino-Spanish fusion dishes.

Slices of Turkey Club Sandwich, CLAT Sandwich, and Lamb and Feta Olive Sandwich

For our Degustacion meal, we started off with their sandwiches while waiting for other guests to arrive. The restaurant served its Turkey Club Sandwich, CLAT Sandwich, and Lamb and Feta Olive Sandwich. Personally, I loved the Turkey Club Sandwich, I like that they use blueberry jam for this. It gave a nice balance between sweet and savory.


Also served on the table before the main event were Chicharones and Liver Pate with Bread.

A small serving of Sweet Beet and Citrus Salad during the Degustacion

Once the guests arrived, we started the main event with their Sweet Beet and Citrus Salad and Caesar Smoked Salad. The Sweet Beet and Citrus Salad was refreshingly good and light while I find the Caesar Smoked Salad to be quite heavy for a salad.

Patatas Bravas

We were also served the Patatas Bravas and Callos Estofado for appetizers. I think the Patatas Bravas was good but I find it to be heavy for an appetizer.

Callos Estofado
Wild Mushroom Soup

We were able to try two of their soups — Gazpacho Soup and Wild Mushroom Soup.

Gazpacho Soup

The Gazpacho Soup is a cold tomato soup that they served with their Grilled Cheese Sandwich during the Degustacion. The two were a match made in heaven and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich was simply delicious.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Union Market Photo)
Baked Mussels

Then we were served the Baked Mussels, which came in a variety of toppings from pesto to garlic. I don’t usually eat mussels but this one was quite good.

Paella Mariscos

The waiters then brought out the paellas. Union Market served us their Paella Mariscos and Paella Negra. Personally, I liked the Paella Mariscos.

Paella Negra
Lengua Estofado

Next, the waiters brought out a tray with bite size servings of Lengua Estofado, Pesto Shrimp and Mushroom, and Salmon with Avocado Citrus.

Pesto Shrimp and Mushroom

The Pesto Shrimp and Mushroom was a hit for me. I love pesto, so this is quite biased. 😉 The Salmon with Avocado Citrus was also good. The salmon we had was wonderfully cooked and did not taste fishy.

Salmon with Avocado Citrus
Meat Lasagna

We were also served the Carbonara Fina and Meat Lasagna. I liked the lasagna, it was meaty and had lots of flavor.

Carbonara Fina (Union Market photo)

The carbonara may not be for all. Instead of the creamy white sauce, the restaurant went for the traditional egg and parmesan sauce for their carbonara. Some may find it bland and quite different from the carbonara we usually have here.

The meal ended with a slice of Belgian Chocolate Cake. The cake was fine but it was not as memorable as the dishes we had during the main event of Degustacion. I was expecting a dessert that will surprise me. I think it was just a regular Belgian Chocolate Cake.

Union Market also serves eclairs, macaroons, and pralines for desserts

I did check their desserts on display and there are some that have caught my interest that I may want to try in the future.

Stone Grill Pizza

Aside from the meals we had here, the restaurant also serves Stone Grill Steak. They are the first to offer steak in this manner in Davao City.

They also presented to us their Stone Grill Pizza, also a first in Davao City.

Union Market is definitely a welcome addition to the growing food scene in the city. People in the Northern part of the city will not have to all the way down to the south or city center just to enjoy good food.

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