An afternoon at Purge

It was a Wednesday when my friend texted me that if we could have a quick cup of coffee in the afternoon at Purge Coffee Roaster.

At first I had second thoughts but eventually said yes. It has been a while since I visited Purge Coffee Roaster. The last time I visited it was in February this year.

It was quite a slow afternoon for the coffee shop when we visited it.

A quiet afternoon at Purge Coffee Roaster

I took a quick look of the place to see if there are any changes since my last visit. One big difference I can compare from the previous visit is now they have more coffee beans on display. If you are looking for specialty coffee or a good bag of coffee beans, you can buy here.

Kenya and Costa Rica for the afternoon

For our merienda we had affles but while waiting we started with a pour over of Kenya and Costa Rica coffee beans. Those were a really good cup of coffee. I find the Kenya to be quite strong because I felt awaken after having a cup of it.

Banana Walnut Waffle topped with chocolate ice cream

For the waffles, we ordered their Banana Walnut Waffle topped with chocolate ice cream and Red Velvet Waffle with vanilla ice cream. I think their waffles are much better now and an improvement from the ones I had last time. It is either they made some changes or it has just been a while since I had their waffles but those waffles we had were really good.

Red Velvet Waffle with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with cream cheese sauce. YUM!

My favorite was the Red Velvet Waffle. That cream cheese sauce was delicious. I will ask for extra sauce next time I come here. However, while it was good, I did expect it to be a red waffle. Nonetheless, this was a great waffle.

Mum’s Spaghetti

We also ordered the Mum’s Spaghetti but I was not able to take a photo of it. I also find it to be an improvement from the one I had last time. But again, it might just have been a while since I had their spaghetti. The photo above was taken during my first visit here.

It was nice coming back here. The dining and coffee experience here has difinitely improved from the last time I visited.

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