Freshly prepared and tasty

The food is freshly made and tasty. This is how I will sum up my dining experience with Kalye’t-Kusina located at J. Camus Extension Cor. J. Abad Santos.

Kalye’t-Kusina is located at J. Camus Extension Cor. J. Abad Santos

The restaurant has a very simple look but the food you get here is flavorful and memorable.

I have visited the restaurant a couple of times with a few friends. Though during the busy weeks, I would prefer to have their food delivered at the office.

What I love about the restaurant is that the food is prepared fresh and they only offer the best ingredients. When we say freshly prepared, it means that every component of the dish is prepared the moment you order it. For example, they do not pre-cook the sauces here. Because of this, food service can take a while but the wait is worth it.

Despite being tucked within the inner parts of the city, Kalye’-Kusina has gained a following and is regularly visited by many Dabawenyos. The restaurant can be quite packed even on the weekdays.

For the meals I had here, I have already tried their Chicken Schnitzel on mashed potatoes (P250), Chicken Parmigiana on Spaghetti (P270), Katsu Chicken with rice (P220), Mozzarella Korean Chicken (P350), Tenders in White Sauce (P350), Honey Garlic Chicken (P350), Oreo Monster Pancakes and Ice Cream (P230), Ultimate Cheese Chicken (P250), and Mashed Potato (P50).

While dishes may seem to be on the pricier side, they were delicious. The serving is also quite generous and they use premium ingredients.

With the food I have tried, my favorites had to be the Honey Garlic Chicken, Mozzarella Korean Chicken, Tenders in White Sauce, and the humber mashed potato.

Mashed potato

Their mashed potato is my favorite in all of Davao City. It was flavorful and you can tell it is 100 percent potatoes. It may be a side dish but it was so delicious.

Honey Garlic Chicken

The Honey Garlic Chicken is my favorite dish in Kalye’t-Kusina Resto. It was garlicky, sweet, and salty. The dish serves two but when I order this, I am able to finish this alone. It is also a very comforting and homey chicken dish. I can’t stop thinking of how good it is.

Chicken Tenders in White Sauce

The Chicken Tenders in White Sauce is also delicious. I love that their tenders here are juicy and are not dry. The white sauce was creamy and tasty too. I ordered this once for a staff meal at the office and it was a hit.

Mozzarella Korean Chicken

I love the spiciness you get from the Mozzarella Korean Chicken and the cheese just adds another layer of flavor to it. The chicken was also juicy and not dry.

Oreo Monster Pancakes and Ice Cream

The Oreo Monster Pancakes and Ice Cream was also a great way to end a meal here at Kalye’t-Kusina.

It is always a great dining experience whenever I visit Kalye’t-Kusina with the food being consistently good. I hope you guys will also be able to visit here soon and have a good dining experience.

Kalye’t-Kusina is located at J. Camus Extension corner J. Abad Santos. They are open at 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m and 4:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

This article was first published on SunStar Davao on October 18, 2019 under my Kapediaries column. You can visit the online here.

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