Burger nights

I WAS told a couple of times that if I was looking for a delicious burger I should drop by at BRGR Alley along Loyola Street in the Obrero area.

Therefore, I am happy to say that their burgers did not disappoint when I had a bite of it a few weekends ago.

BRGR Alley is an outdoor burger shop that opens its doors to diners at around 5 p.m. It is well lighted for an outdoor food establishment. Adding character to the location is the colorful graffiti.

The burgers I was able to try here are the PB BRGR and the Cheesy BBQ. I also ordered their Chicken Nuggets during my first visit here.


Of all the burgers I tried in 2019, the PB BRGR was the best that I have had. Simply because of a surprise ingredient — peanut butter! This was the first time I have had peanut butter in my burger and I was surprised to discover it the moment I took a bite. If you were wondering why I was surprised, the staff did not explain to me the ingredients of the burger and I did not bother to ask about it. That sweet, creamy, and nutty peanut butter completes the whole burger.

The PB BRGR’s patty was also very juicy and flavorful. Juiciest burger patty I had for the longest time. I also liked that the lettuce was shredded, I hope more burger shops shred their lettuce. It is easier to eat and does not take all the contents with it each time you take a bite.

Cheesy BBQ

The Cheesy BBQ burger I had on a separate visit was also delicious. The patty was juicy and flavorful as well. The best about the burger is its barbecue sauce, which was good. However, I wish that it was cheesier. The cheese sauce was good but I want more cheese.

Another thing about their burgers, these were messy to eat but I loved it. I like how it was served wherein half of it was wrapped with a food wrapper. This allows you to pick up the burger and just dig in. Without it, eating the burger would be messier and you will need utensils.

Chicken Nuggets

While the burgers were delicious, the Chicken Nuggets were not. I appreciate that these were not the chicken nuggets that you buy at the supermarkets. BRGR Alley makes their chicken nuggets. However, these were bland, dry, and over-cooked.

When it comes to their burgers, BRGR Alley is one of those homegrown restaurants that you must visit. Based on my visits here and accounts from friends and other foodies, they do serve tasty burgers here.

BRGR Alley is located along Loyola St. in Obrero, Davao City.

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