2019 Favorite Coffee Shops: Honorable Mentions

My 2019 has been eventful in the sense that I was pretty much busy with work. Hence, I was not able to visit as many coffee shops as I would have wanted.

However, I was able to squeeze in some time to visit both new and existing coffee shops and cafes around town. I have written a review on some but the others will have to wait.

To wrap up my 2019, I have come up with my annual coffee shop list. However, before we get there I would like to make special mentions to some of the coffee shops that I think are worth recognizing. Unfortunately for the two that made the honorable list, I have yet to come out with a full review yet.

Kopi 82

Several coffee shops opened in 2019, with the most opening towards the end of the year. However, I was only able to visit a couple of them. One of those new coffee shops is Kopi 82.

Kopi 82 is among the best-looking coffee shops in Davao City with its colorful murals that balances its earthy tones.

The coffee here is a mixed bag though. Sometimes I get a good cup of coffee and there are times that I do not. For example, there was a time I was served a bitter cup of Iced Americano. When I visited again a week later, I got a good cup of latte. If there is something they can improve on, it is in this area.

Kopi French Toast BLT

The food here, based on what I had, was good though. Their Kopi French Toast BLT, Longsilog, and the Meatball Marinara are my favorites here.
Kopi 82 is located at Wheels N More compound along J.P. Laurel Avenue.

6th Republic

This coffee shop just opened around the fourth quarter of 2019. In terms of looks, this coffee shop is also one of the well-designed out there.

What I love about them is their spiked coffee, which is coffee with a mix of alcohol.

I was unable to write a full review on them yet because I think I need to make another visit to fully grasp what they have to offer in terms of coffee, food, and service.

Despite not having a full review, the coffee shop is on the honorable list because of their spiked coffee and my first visit here was fairly memorable.

Aulson’s Cafe

While it has been opened for quite some time, I just found out about the coffee shop after exploring the Circumferential Road in the Marfori area.

Aulson’s is a charming coffee shop, which I love about it. The food here was quite good and the coffee too. I liked the coffee shop and is a contender for my favorite coffee shops in 2019.

However, I was never able to release my review of it despite having a draft written. Why? They improved the place with a bigger dining area and somehow made changes with their menu. Therefore, I held the review and decided that I will revisit them soon.

It is on this honorable list because it is an all-around great coffee shop in Davao City. I liked their food and coffee. However, since I have yet to release its full review, I am putting it in the honorable list for now.

Let me know in the comments below if you have visited these coffee shops and your experiences with them. As for my 2019 Favorite Coffee Shops, Click here to find out.

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