The leap I took in 2022

Taking a “leap of faith” can be scary. For one, we do not know what is ahead of us in these uncharted territories. Hence, you go in having faith that things will turn for the good.

Well, this year I took that leap. So far, this is the biggest “leap” I took since leaving a high-paying job to pursue my passion.

For 2022, I decided to take part in running a coffee shop with a group of friends. The idea was presented to me sometime in 2021. And, I like the idea of it.

Because I do not have the resources to open a coffee shop all by myself, this was one way to get into business.

I was definitely nervous getting in. Getting loans, the most I took in a single year, can get you worried.

Going in without any know-how in business or starting one also got me worried. I may have been a business reporter but that does not necessarily give you the skills you may need to start a business. Likewise, I may have been seriously blogging about the coffee scene since 2017 but that does not give you everything you need to know when starting a coffee shop.

Yet, I had faith. I had faith in God knowing he will put things in place as needed. I had faith in the background of my partners, all of whom run their own businesses in the services industry.

Hid’n when it started on August 28, 2022.

On August 28, 2022, without any announcements but to families and friends only, my partners and I opened Hid’n Coffee, which is located along N. Torres St. in Obrero (This is the road connecting Abreeza and Obrero).

We managed our expectations for our first week because no announcements or intentional marketing was made. Instead of having a Facebook, we started with an Instagram account first and posted a few photos.

To our surprise, Hid’n was a hit when it opened. The coffee shop was filled with people despite the limited parking space.

Since we started, we have slowly made improvements at the coffee shop to be able to serve our customers better.


Our coffee shop can be considered the first trailer coffee shop in Davao City. It is shaded by trees with the biggest being a Talisay Tree at the center of the dining area.

The dining area has also been designed to allow multiple seating options for groups and those who may be dining in pairs or solo. Recently, we have added a roof in the area to protect guests from the rain.

We have added a roof to our dining area to make sure our guests stay dry on rainy days.

For our drinks, we offer standard coffee drinks — Americano and Flat White. We have the Caramel Latte and Spanish Latte if you want sweetened coffee drinks. Our signature drink is the Milo Espresso, our take on the classic mocha but with a maltier and nostalgic taste. We also have the pour-over, featuring the beans of Mugshots. For the non-coffee, you have the Mile Dinosaur, Matcha Latte, and tea. We also serve Affogato wherein we use gelato.

For our pastries, we have the classic and pesto focaccia, black sesame cream cheese cookie, peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, and peanut butter brownie.

We partnered with local brands for our products. We use Anna Banana’s Peanut Butter for our cookie and brownie. For our Affogato, we are using Gelatoto’s gelato.

But personally, what I truly love about our coffee shop is its vibe. It is just nice to lounge and enjoy a cup of coffee here at Hid’n. I do believe that our simple coffee shop is a great place to have conversations.

Our coffee shop is open from Thursday to Tuesday, and we are closed on Wednesdays. We open from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. You can visit us along N. Torres St. (The road connecting Abreeza and Obrero). (Click HERE for the Google Map link).

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Kape Diaries has been known to produce honest reviews of coffee shops in the city. And I am aware of how these reviews helped you guys choose the next coffee shop or cafe you will visit. However, owning a coffee shop changes things.

If you noticed, I have not done any reviews in the past months. Aside from being busy with my day job and helping run Hid’n, it is not appropriate for me to write the kind of reviews I used to write.

Hence, moving forward, I will be doing more features rather than reviews. Probably, it will be less of a full-blown review but rather highlighting what I love about some coffee shops in the city.

As for my annual Kape Diaries Favorite List, it will continue but I will definitely plug our coffee shop. (LOL)

I will also focus more now on establishing my Kape Ta! Coffee Shop Guide in Davao City by updating as frequently as I can.

I will continue to blog about other aspects of the coffee scene by highlighting the industry more or featuring the people behind that delicious cup of coffee you enjoy so much.

It will definitely be a major shift from what I used to do but it is something I have to do.

Now that I look back and reflect, I took two leaps for 2022 — starting a business and making changes to Kape Diaries. I do find it nerve-wracking in the sense that I have no idea what will happen text. Somehow, I am entering new territories.

Nonetheless, these leaps also allow me to grow — as a person and build on my blog. I think each time we take a leap, whether we fall or make it to the other side, it will help us become better versions of ourselves. Also, seeing yourself and what you helped build grow, motivates and inspires you to work harder.

I hope you guys will continue to support Kape Diaries as it shifts gears at the same time support this new venture I am in.

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