Coffee & Cacao Experience celebrates Davao

DAVAO Region’s significance in the cacao and coffee industries will be the highlight of the Coffee & Cacao Experience on October 11, 2023, at the Seda Abreeza Hotel.

“Davao plays a pivotal role in local cacao and coffee production, and it’s high time we pay tribute to the dedicated growers, skilled roasters, and creative minds who are leading the charge in local production and consumption,” Monica Floirendo-Ugarte, co-founder of the Davao Food and Wine Festival (DFWF) and owner of Gulf Coast Coffee, said in an online interview with Kape Diaries.

The Coffee & Cacao Experience is among the main activities of the Department of Tourism (DOT)-backed Davao Food and Wine Festival on October 7 to 14, 2023. Admission to the forum is free.

“This gathering offers a unique platform for local business owners to connect and collaborate with fellow enthusiasts in the coffee and cacao industry, both within our region and from other parts of the Philippines,” Floirendo-Ugarte said.

She said there will be immersive activities like chocolate-making and coffee-tasting sessions during the forum. For example, Christian Valdes, owner and head chocolatier of CMV Txokolat, will have a live chocolate-making demo.

An Aeropress Brew-Off competition will also be organized by Yardstick.

“With less than a week away, there has been an overwhelming response to this tournament, with all available slots filled and contestants traveling from different parts of Mindanao to compete,” Floirendo-Ugarte said.

Meanwhile, there will also be a panel of farmers, roasters, processors, and professionals from the food service industry to discuss the diverse facets and shared traits of the coffee and cacao industries.

Floirendo-Ugarte noted that in the past decade, there has been substantial growth in the coffee and cacao industries in Davao.

“While there’s undoubtedly a desire for exceptional specialty coffee and cacao among connoisseurs, there’s also a significant opportunity to cater to the broader population as a whole. If we can open up the world of exceptional coffee and cacao and make it more affordable to a wider audience, this will strengthen the nation’s appreciation of these two products that are so important to the local Davao economy,” Floirendo-Ugarte said.

Participating local brands in the Coffee & Cacao Experience are Glasshouse Coffee, Paramount Coffee, Hid’n Coffee, Kapewenoz, Gulf Coast Coffee & Co., FrogKaffee Arena, Cacao Culture, Malagos Chocolates, Auro Chocolate, MS3, Cacao City, and Object Depot. Also part of the event is Yardstick, and Le Festin Coffee Inc. Major sponsors of the event are Cebu Pacific and Seda Hotel Abreeza.

About the Davao Food & Wine Festival

The Davao Food and Wine Festival is a week-long activity that celebrates the culture and cuisine of Davao and Samal Island.

The festival is participated by different food and hospitality establishments in Davao City and the Island Garden City of Samal. Event schedules and venues can be viewed below.

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