Ready. Set. Crawl!

The Davao Coffee Crawl 2023 is here and it now features more coffee shops from north to south of Davao.

Coffee enthusiasts, casual coffee drinkers, and even those new to coffee will be able to enjoy different coffee experiences in every coffee shop to visit.

The Davao Coffee Crawl seeks to highlight the local coffee scene of Davao City.

It is a movement that was started by a small group of coffee shops and cafes in 2021. Then, it was merely created to promote the coffee shops and give Dabawenyos something to do during the middle of the pandemic.

Fast forward to 2023, the coffee crawl has evolved to not only be a marketing activity but something that truly highlights the vibrant coffee scene in Davao City.

Participating coffee shops this year include AtCurbside and Mylk Café in the Marfori area; Balay, Darkk Coffee Co., Hidn Coffee, Lerus Coffee, and VNL in Obrero; Cafe Prelaya and Kanto Coffee in Dona Vicenta Village; Espresso Lab and HisHer in Lanang; EspressOn Coffee along Jacinto St.; Fourth Street along Narra St. in the Magsaysay area; Glasshouse Coffee with branches in Aeon Towers and the Oboza Compound along Rizal St.; Lot 38 Kape in Deca Indangan; Revel by Confex in Maa; and olo and Onse in the Ecoland area.


This year’s crawl is also quite different from the previous crawl. Here is a quick summary of the major changes this year:

Two sets. With 18 coffee shops participating this year, they will be divided into two sets that still allow you to explore the coffee scene of Davao City. Set A will have atCurbside, Cafe Prelaya, Darkk, Fourth Street Cafe, Hid’n Coffee, HisHer, Lerus Coffee, olo, and Revel by Confex. Set B is composed of Balay, Espresso Lab, EspressOn, Glasshouse, Kanto Coffee, Lot 38, Mylk, Onse, and VNL. You will be able to own two sets of cards if you want to complete all 18 coffee shops.

Cards. Cards will be sold at P100. Cards are available at coffee shops — Set A cards in Set A shops and Set B cards in Set B shops. Each card will have 12 cafes — nine for the set you have chosen and another three for the other set. For example, Set A will have nine cafes in its set and three blank spaces for any of the coffee shops in Set B. You only have to complete the cafes in your selected set to qualify for a prize.

Coffee only. There will be no minimum purchase to get a sticker but it has to be coffee.

No card, no stickers. They are also more strict this year as you have to present your cards when getting stickers — no sticker, no card. Regardless if you have proof of purchase, when you do not have your card, you will not be given a sticker. Stickers will also not be issued for delivery service orders. If you forgot your card, you have the option to buy a new one. You are able to combine two cards of the same set.

Your cards, your responsibility. If you lose your card, you will have to get a new one and start from the beginning. Stickers previously collected will not be replaced.

Prizes. This year, crawlers will get a set of enamel pins bearing the logos of all the 9 cafes they visited. To qualify, complete at least nine stickers of your chosen set. Meanwhile, if you complete all 12 stickers, which will include shops from the other set, you will be qualified for the raffle draw.

What to order

With more coffee shops participating, this means that there is a bigger menu to go through. If you do not know what to order, here are some drinks I recommend you try during your visits.

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