A LEGO weekend

I spent my whole weekend creating stuff from my LEGO. I got a new set from the LEGO Creator line, the Toy and Grocery set, which I will post on the blog soon. From the set you can also make a post office and a small store. But we all know we can create anything we want from the LEGO pieces we have as long as we allow our imagination to lead. For the whole weekend I spent time creating a bigger airplane and a bigger coffee shop:


The jet is the bigger siblings of LEGO Jet 410 and 420. At present, it is in its development stage. The company is still in the process of developing its wings and engine. The plane features a two-class layout, Diamond Class and Gold Class.

LJ 574
Cockpit of LJ 574
Gold Class on board LJ 574
Diamond Class on-board LJ 574. This class features a private suite with a fully lie-flat seat and a 32-inch TV.
Diamond Class private suites
Diamond Class private suites. In the photo you can see the 32-inch TV.
Gold Class on-board LJ 574. The cabin features fully lie-flat suites with 32-inch TVs.
Gold Class. Behind is the lavatory.
Gold Class. The 32-inch TVs are seen here.
The galley on-board LJ 574. The plane also features an espresso machine.
Flight attendant’s seat, which can be folded, and the news stand.
Mini refrigerator on-board the plane.
the cockpit with the pilot and his co-pilot
The state-of-the-art cockpit of LJ 574

Three Flags Coffee Shop

The two-floored coffee shop sits beside a lake and features a lake side patio where you can enjoy your coffee. They are famous for their brewed coffee and peanut butter jelly sandwiches. They are also known for their thin crust pizza and sinfully delicious cakes.

The Three Flags Coffee shop exterior and its lakeside patio. Timothy, sitting on the bench, is a regular customer at the coffee shop. He enjoys the lemon chocolate cake paired with strawberry black tea. He comes by every Friday after work.
Three Flags Coffee Shop side photo
Three Flags Coffee Shop side photo.
Interior of the Three Flags Coffee Shop.
The second floor of the coffee shop. It offers a stunning view of the lake. Mike, the guy with an apple, is new in town. He works as a pilot for Lego Jet. The woman behind him is Atty. Elise.
Atty. Elise enjoys a cup of coffee while she works on her cases.
The first floor of the coffee shop.
The second floor features comfortable seats while you enjoy the amazing view of the lake.
The Coffee Shop is known for its odd yet delicious pastries. Pastries on display (L-R): Peanut Butter Jelly Pie, Double Chocolate cake with lemon, and Dark Chocolate Citrus Cake.
The first floor of the coffee shop. The staffs are Denise (cashier/barista) and Aiden (barista). Customers in photos are Dr. Hanson (in blue) and Marc (wearing orange).

By the way the name of the town is Yellowfields in Lego Land. It is a town surrounded by lakes and rivers and has a population of 500,000 as of 2014. It is served by Yellowfields International Airport, the main hub of LEGO Jet; Yellowfields Land Transportation Terminal, main hub of the Yellow Wheels Liner; and the Yellowfields Water Transport Terminal, hub of Carp Ferry.

I have lots of ideas on what else to make and I’ll share it with you guys soon. In my next post I’ll share with you my other creations for Yellowfields (I might change the name of the the town though). Prior to this I made a smaller coffee shop and two smaller planes.

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