A LEGO Weekend Part 2

Last time I promised to show you some of the earlier versions of LEGO Jets (LJ) I have created. During the weekend, I was also busy creating a bigger LJ and a diner.

LJ 410

The Jet is primarily used for short haul private flights and can accommodate two passengers.

LJ 410
The cabin of LJ 410
The galley of LJ 410

 LJ 420

The jet is primarily used for short to medium haul flights. The cabin features two open suites with a 32″ AVOD and a separate bed.

LJ 420
The galley of LJ 420
The open suite of LJ 420. It features a seperate bed and seat. It also has a 32″ AVOD with hours of entertainment

LJ 595

This is the newest member of the LEGO Jets. The three-winged and six engine plane is mainly used for long-haul flights and features three enclosed suites and a passenger lounge. Each of the suites feature a lie flat seat, 32″ AVOD, and a personal compartment.

LJ 595

DSC_1207 DSC_1210

The enclosed private suites on LJ 595. Each suite features a lie-flat seat, 32″ AVOD, and a personal compartment.
The passenger lounge with a mini bar

DSC_1199 DSC_1198

Caleb’s Diner

Aside from LJ 595, I also made a diner over the weekend. Caleb’s Diner is famous for its pizza and is located at Morris Park.

Caleb’s Diner. Outside of the diner is the park. If you do not want to eat inside the diner, you can opt for the balcony seats outside.
Counter area of Caleb’s Diner. Behind Caleb is the beverage and ice cream station
The dining area of the diner.
The kitchen of the diner
Joshua, Caleb’s brother, about to bake a pizza.
Entrance of the diner.
The garden outside the diner
Portion of Morris Park outside the diner.
The Sunny Days Ice Cream stand at Morris Park.

Will share with you guys soon other stuff I am able to make with the LEGO pieces I have.

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