Up in the air online

AIR travel has always fascinated me. In the past few weeks I have been visiting air travel related websites featuring reviews and articles on airports and airlines.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. One mile at a Time (onemileatatime.boardingarea.com)

This site created by Ben “Lucky” Schlappig offer reviews on different airlines as he travels on their first or business class cabins, though he also travels on economy on some trips. The pictures are amazing and you really get a feel on how the two premium classes are different from economy class. Aside from reviewing airlines, he also does reviews on airport lounges and hotels. The site also has the latest news and updates on the aviation industry, articles about the creator’s travels, and other travel-related articles. He also provides tips and information on how you can utilize your miles and points to improve your travel experience on board your favorite airline.

2. The Design Air (thedesignair.net)

Created by Johnny Clark, a commercial pilot in Europe, the site features the latest news on the aviation industry with focus on designs of airlines and airport lounges. It also features travel reports on airlines and hotels. They also have reports on the latest industry innovations, which will amaze you. The site is filled with colorful photos of different airlines, their cabins, airport lounges, hotels, and airports, among others. They also have an annual listing of best airline brands and a top ten list for anything related to the aviation industry.

3. The Guide to Sleeping in Airports (sleepinginairports.net)

I think this article wouldn’t be complete without featuring a website on airports. The Guide to Sleeping in Airports provides travelers’ with detailed information and traveler reviews on the world’s many airports. From airport sleeping tips to top ten lists, this one stop site for airports will surely be useful for your next trip abroad or even domestic.

Up in the air online was published on Sun.Star Davao on November 12, 2015. Web Traveller is my weekly column on SSD that comes out every Thursday.

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