Lunch at Wildberry Garden Diner

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Lunch at Wildberry Garden Diner

I have heard or known about the Wildberry Garden Diner for quite sometime now but I have not been there yet.

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I only know about the place through the photos and stories of my friends. I have only heard good things about it; so coming here I was a bit excited especially based on the information from my friends.


I find the Wildberry Garden Diner to be a very charming restaurant.

Dining area on the first floor

I love the knick-knacks that are all over the restaurant. You can also buy these knick-knacks, which ranges from ornaments to plates and cups.

The restaurant has two floors. The second floor overlooks the Buda road. My friends and I dined on the second floor and it was definitely cool up there.

Dining area on the second floor

You can also find a room full of knick-knacks at the second floor. I also find that room to be very Instagramable. If you’re going to do some photos here, be careful not to break anything.

A room full of kinck-knacks — plates, mugs, cups, and home ornaments, among others


Wildberry Garden Diner does not have a specific type of cuisine though I can describe their food here as your general comfort Filipino food. The food is reasonably priced and are good for sharing.

For our lunch here were ordered the Pork Tenderloin Tips (P350), Chicken Honey (P250), and Bangus Sinigang (P250). I also ordered the Strawberry Shake (P90) for my drink.

Pork Tenderloin Tips

The Pork Tenderloin Tips was very delicious and my favorite among our orders. The pork was tender and the dish was flavorful.

Chicken Honey

The Chicken Honey was also good. It was sweet and savory at the same time. The chicken was tender too.

Bangus Sinigang

The Bangus Sinigang was also great and it was perfect for the cool weather.

Strawberry Shake

I also enjoyed the refreshingly good Strawberry Shake.


Overall, the service we experienced at the Wildberry Garden Diner was pretty good. The staff were kind and friendly.

I like how water stations are placed on both the second and first floor dining areas.

However, the food was served after around 20 minutes, which I find a bit slow.


Wildberry Garden Diner is really great restaurant to stop by whenever you are in Buda. The food is good and the place is nice. I would love to revisit the place again whenever I pass by here in the future.

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