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EARLY this year I started my Tumblr account (kapediaries.tumblr.com) since I want to explore the interesting world of Tumblr. Anyway, here are some Tumblr Blogs that I have been following in the past few days:

The Scientific Pokedex (scientificpokedex.tumblr.com)

I love Pokemon and I am fascinated by science. This Tumblr blog has made science more interesting as it explains scientific concepts using Pokedex entries and other phenomenon that happen in the world of Pokemon. The writer also explains each scientific concept clearly that grade school or high school students can understand. The blog covers various scientific fields like biology, physics, and chemistry, among others.

Who would have thought we can learn something out of one of the most popular anime?

The Lego Collection (legollection.tumblr.com)

If you have visited my Tumblr or #CoffeeShopDiaries Blog (kapediaries.wordpress.com), you might have noticed that I have made posts on my Lego collections and you might now have an idea of how much I love Lego.

When I found this Tumblr blog and other Lego-related blogs, which I still have to explore, I got all excited. The creations here are just beautiful and amazing! One of the creations that I really loved was the Lego Concorde. I also enjoyed the “Everyday things turned into Lego” creations.

Frankfurtspotting (frankfurtspotting.tumblr.com)

I really love planes, it fascinates me. These massive machines transport people and cargo around the world 24/7 and it still intrigues how these huge mechanical birds manage to fly.

On top of that, the more you stare at them, the more you appreciate its beauty. Amazing what man has achieved in the past century. Anyway, this Tumblr blog features a wide variety of planes like the Boeing 747s, the Queen of the Skies, and the world’s biggest commercial jet the Airbus 380. If you love planes, you’ll enjoy scrolling through this blog.

Here are some photos from their Instagram account @frankfurtspotting

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