A short dinner at Blooming Days

Last Thursday (Feb. 4, 2015) was a long day for me. Top officials on security and energy convened in Davao City for an important meeting. Anyway, I was so exhausted that day I went home immediately after office hours and doing my part in the aftercare.

On my way home, my buddy Dale texted me that we have dinner somewhere. I first suggested we have it at this new restaurant, The Griddle. Dale happened to pass by this new restaurant and texted me that there are too many people there, which was not surprising since it is one of the newer restaurants in Davao City.


I recommended we go Cafe Blooming Days at JJ Commune, Obrero. The cafe opened last year and those who have been there say they serve good coffee there. Though I have previously visited the cafe, I haven’t tried their coffee yet but have tried their some of their products (unfortunately I forgot the names but it was a pork dish and a milk-based beverage, I think it is the Sweet Potato Milk).

We played a few rounds of Dutch Blitz while waiting for the food. Their tables are good for playing Dutch Blitz.

The Place

Blooming Days has a relaxing atmosphere. I like how their background is played at a very low volume, not too low that you cannot hear the music but low enough to give the place a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.


I like how they designed the place, which is simple but not boring. There is also a decent number of tables and chairs. The cafe is also well lit, it is not too bright or dim.


I think this is good place to study and work with its quiet and relaxing atmosphere. I also noticed that there are a number of students here when we visited the cafe. The students were not noisy.

The Food

For this short dinner, we had the Ossu Buco (P200), which is their best seller, and a slice of Zebra Cake (P120). Ossu Buco is an Italian beef dish while Zebra Cake is some sort of chocolate cake.

Ossu Buco with vegetables on the side

Anyway, the Ossu Buco was very delicious! The beef was tender, well seasoned, and properly cooked while its sauce is flavorful. The vegetables on the side were also properly cooked. On the other hand, the Zebra Cake was just ok.

Zebra Cake

In terms of pricing, it is reasonable, not cheap but not too expensive. Their products have similar prices with some of the known coffee shops around Davao City.

The service

I liked their service in this visit and the previous visits. The staff were accommodating while the food was served after 10 minutes (which is the norm for some cafes). I did not try their internet in this visit but in my previous visits, the connection was quite good, it was fast, better than some of the cafes I have visited, and is quite stable.


Cafe Blooming Days is a decent coffee shop. The ambiance is quiet and relaxing making it good for students who wants to study, individuals who want to work outside the office, or for friends who just want to chill. The food is decent, I highly recommend the Ossu Buco. The internet is good too. The price of their products is also reasonable.

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