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NSTAGRAM is one of the popular social networking sites for this generation. Beautiful photos are being uploaded and shared every second by different users. These beautiful photos are the main reason why I always keep on checking several accounts in Instagram despite my account being inactive for a while now. So here are some Instagram accounts that I keep on checking:

That Food Cray (@thatfoodcray)

The official account of That Food Cray (, a food, travel, and lifestyle website of Nicole Fung and Eugene Kan. Food lovers will truly enjoy the photos posted here as it features delicious and mouth-watering dishes from their travels.

Here are some photos from the account:

National Geographic (@natgeo)

The National Geographic Channel and Magazine has allowed us to see the world through their informative shows and beautiful photographs. Thus, this account is worth to follow in Instagram. From wildlife to people to culture to nature, this profile has it all. The photos are stunning and viewing one is not enough. With more than 10,000 posts, you can keep on scrolling down until you reach the first photo.

Bertazertyplanes (BAP) (@bertazertyplanes)

Airplanes are always a sight to behold. If you love planes or an aviation geek you will surely enjoy this Instagram account as it features various shots of different types of planes. The photos of Airbus A380s and Boeing 747s are, as always, stunning! It’s amazing how those jumbo planes can fly.

Brick Network (@bricknetwork)

The official Instagram account of features photos of various LEGO creations or products and mini-figures placed in different settings. LEGO lovers, like me, will surely enjoy this account. The photos are colorful, playful, entertaining, and will put a smile on your face.

Department of Tourism (DOT) (@tourismphl)

Philippines is a naturally beautiful country with beautiful tourists and DOT made a wonderful job with their Instagram account as it showcases the country’s best places, from reefs to mountains and everything in between.

The pictures, which are mostly taken by guest photographers/Instagrammers, are stunning and enticing. Help share the beauty of the Philippines so we can entice more tourists to come, which would truly benefit our economy.

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Breathtaking. Awe-inspiring. Surreal. Magical. The superlatives for Mt. Pulag run high as the mountain itself. It is truly a photographer's wonderland. The pristine ecosystem, the high altitude vantage point over the Cordilleras, the gripping cold, the swathe of mist and clouds hugging the lower peaks and valleys — they all contribute to the sublime experience of climbing the Philippine's third tallest peak. . I began my journey as a photographer through my initial foray into hiking and mountain climbing. It was during those nascent years of adventuring that I developed a love for taking pictures of the outdoors. From high peaks, I would observe weather and its different phenomena and found myself being inspired by nature creating art by itself. There, I understood why many have described mountaineering as a spiritual experience. In the mountains I have found my calling to become a landscape photographer. . Photographing from the slopes of Pulag is a special experience. Once the fog rolls in and drapes the landscape, and soft light kisses those high peaks, the show begins and the clicking of the shutter is hard to stop. This shot was taken with a telephoto lens. I singled out a section of the sea of clouds plunging down the valleys in perfect orographic movement, just at the last light of the day was fading over the entire landscape. The scene is forever etched in my mind. . Guest Instagrammer | @jayjallorina #VisitPhilippines2016 #itsmorefuninthePhilippines

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