Eating in Zamboanga

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Eating in Zamboanga
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From the cool breeze of Sagada to the beautiful islands and beaches of El Nido Palawan, we made our way to the final destination of Mei’s Philippine Tour 2017, Zamboanga City.

What makes the last part of Mei’s tour even more special is this is here hometown. So, I was able to get to know Mei and her sister, Czar, more during our trip here.

This is not the first time I’ve been to the city. The last time I came here was in 2016 for a work-related event. That was also my latest visit to Zamboanga City after 15 years!

McDonald’s and other commercial establishments are housed in one of the colonial buildings near the City Hall complex

With its vibrant history, Zamboanga City is one of the premier destinations in Mindanao when it comes to culture and arts with its colonial structures, unique language, and a melting pot of cultures.

Aside from being a wonderful tourism destination, Zamboanga also has some great food to offer. I also wrote about some of the food I had during my visit in 2016.

Universidad de Zamboanga and Rizal Park in front of the Zamboanga City Hall.

Anyway, after landing at the iconic Zamboanga Airport, we had breakfast at Johnny’s Morning Sun Satti for some delicious satti, which barbecued beef and chicken placed on top of rice and poured with a generous amount of sauce.


This is my first time trying this favorite dish by Zamboangueños and I really enjoyed it. I just love how saucy it was. The sauce itself was flavorful and sweet.

After the satti, Mei and her family went back to their home to rest. In Zamboanga City, I was booked at Cityinn Hotel, which is a pretty good hotel. I love their beddings and the wifi was pretty good.

Another place where we had a great meal was at the Palmeras Restaurant along Pasonanca Rd. This restaurant is considered a household name in the city and based on the amount of people coming to the restaurant, lots of locals and tourist spend a meal here.

During our visit here we had their Special Bilao, which included fish fillet, calamares, shanghai rolls, lechon kawali, and chicken. Will also had other dishes but I was not able to take a photo of it.

Special Bilao

For our dessert, we ordered Zamboanga City’s famous Knicker Bocker Glory, which was made by Palmeras Restaurant. This addictive dessert contains fresh fruits (mango, bananas, and watermelon), jellies, and milk. The delicious and refreshing dessert was a great way to cap off the meal.

Knicker Bocker Glory

The trip to Zamboanga City was fun. There were a lot of things to learn in terms of culture and history of this part of the country. During our stay here we were also able to visit the Yakan Weaving Village, the Zamboanga City Hall, R.T. Lim Boulevard, Fort Pilar, and Abong-abong Park.

Zamboanga City Hall
Fort Pilar Shrine

For more on Mei’s trip in the Philippines, visit her website, Colors of Mei.

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