Lego Man travels Philippines

Dinner at Yoghurt House
Breakfast at Benguet
Sunrise at Kiltepan Peak
Passing by Baguio
A feast at El Nido, Palawan
Cafe hopping in Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Desserts night in Cebu City
Eating in Zamboanga
Lego Man travels Philippines

While I truly enjoyed the trip with Mei from Sagada, Mountain Province to El Nido, Palawan and finally in Zamboanga City, another companion of mine also enjoyed the trip, my Lego companion, Frank.

Everybody, meet Frank. From the world of Lego, Frank works as a software engineer. This is his first time he is traveling with me, so he asked for lots and lots of photos. So from here on, it will be Frank speaking to you guys.

DSC_0206-2 copy

Hey guys! Frank here. Allow me to share my first time to travel to these parts of the Philippines.

From Davao City all the way to Baguio City, I was asleep. We left Davao City pretty late, so I had some shut eye during the whole time we were traveling.

DSC_0153-2 copy
At the Kennon Road View Deck

When I woke up, we were already at the Kennon Road View Point in Baguio City.

After a quick nap, next thing I know we were already at the highest point of the Pan-Philippine Highway in Atok, Benguet. That was some nap I had. Anyway, the views were just beautiful!

20170203_111605-2 copy
At the view deck at the highest point 😀

A few more hours of traveling, we find ourselves at the Amgaleyguey View Point, which was supposed to give us a view of the vegetable terraces but due to the fog, we can’t see the nice views.

DSC_0243-2 copy
At the Amgaleyguey View Point, which was foggy that time 🙁

We arrived in Sagada late in the afternoon and it was just getting colder by the hour. It was a good thing I brought my orange sweater with me.

The following day, we woke up early and made our way to Banaue to see the Batad Rice Terraces, which was a sight to behold.

20170204_154447-2 copy
At the Batad Rice Terraces 😀

On our last day in Sagada, we woke up at an even earlier time to witness the sunrise at Kiltepan Peak. Sadly, it was cloudy when we went there and we were not able to fully see the sun rise. Anyway, the views were still beautiful.

20170205_065447-2 copy
Despite not being able to fully enjoy the sunrise at Kiltepan Peak, the views were still great and I just the love the weather here!

After Sagada, our next destination was El Nido, Palawan. During this trip, I met a new friend, Connor, who happens to work as a lawyer and a huge fan of DC Comics.

DSC_0837-2 copy
Enjoying the views with Connor at Cadlao Resort

Sadly, we both forgot to bring our swim suits and instead of enjoying the pool at the Cadlao Resort on our first day here, we just enjoyed the views from the restaurant.

On our second day in Sagada, we had a tour at some beautiful islands and beaches. I was a bit nervous during the whole trip. I am not a fan of open waters. Who knows what creatures lurks under the sea. I bet they are way bigger than me. 😉

DSC_0962-2 copy
He just had to get a shot on the boat

Anyway, Connor was a brave soul. He even had a photo near the bow of the boat!

We were also able to go down the boat and spend some time on the beach. For our first day of island hopping, we spent a few hours on Talisay Beach. Everything around us was just beautiful with the white sand beach, clear waters, and limestone formations.

DSC_1028-2 copy
A sunny day at Talisay Beach, where we also enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by our tour guides.

For the second day of the island hopping in El Nido, we had lunch at Shimizu Island, which was also beautiful.

Oops, out of focus…
DSC_1202-2 copy
Now that’s better. At Shimizu Island, where we had lunch on the second day 😀

For the last leg of our tour with Mei, it was at Zamboanga City, dubbed as Asia’s Latin City. Connor still accompanied me during our tour here. This time, he ditched his The Flash shirt and donned some comfortable sleeves.

DSC_1400-2 copy
First photo in Zamboanga City!

During our time here, we had a shot with the iconic Vintas at the R.T. Lim Boulevard.

DSC_1416-2 copy
With the colorful Vintas at RT Lim Boulevard
A human version of my camera! O_O

We also visited the historic Zamboanga City Hall.

DSC_1502-2 copy
Since we’re already, we can’t miss the opportunity to have a photo with the historic Zamboanga City Hall

Overall, we enjoyed the whole trip, from Luzon all the way to Mindanao. Thank you Mei!

Hey guys, RJ here again. I have to agree with Frank, the whole trip was really fun!

Personally, my favorite was the trip to Sagada and the rice terraces. I have always wanted to visit these places and with Mei and her family, I was able to finally come here. I will definitely be back here in the future.

The food we had throughout the trip were also really good. We had a lot of dishes that we liked.

Kape Diaries would like to thank Colors of Mei for giving me the opportunity to join her in her trip here in the Philippines.

To know more about her trip, visit her website, Colors of Mei (

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