Desserts night in Cebu City

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Desserts night in Cebu City
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Before our trip to Zamboanga, the last destination of Mei’s trip, we spent the night in Cebu.

Every time, I pass by at Cebu and have some spare time, me and my cousin would usually meet. I asked my cousin to find a nice place that we could visit.

She recommended we have some desserts and coffee at 10 Dove Street Confectionery, which is located at the Oakridge Business Park in Manadaue City.


The business park was actually pretty nice. I love the sleek and modern designs of the buildings in the area. It was landscaped beautifully too.

Anyway, the 10 Dove Street Confectionery was located in what I would describe as the courtyard of the business park.

I think 10 Dove Street Confectionary is a beautiful cafe. I just love the big windows. It would definitely give lots of natural light in the morning; then at night I think it is beautifully lighted. There are also seats outside the cafe and I think it is great place to hang with friends in the evening after dinner.


Me and my cousin met here at around 7:00 pm; so some of the products have ran out already. The cafe has a big table where they display some of their cake. I did not take a photo of it since not much were on the table.


Anyway, during our visit here we had the Chunky Choco Peanut-Butter Bar, Chewy Salted Caramel Cookie, and a Fruit Medley Cake.

The Chunky Choco Peanut-Butter Bar were delicious. I am a huge fan of the peanut butter and chocolate pairing and I really enjoyed this dessert.

Chunky Choco Peanut-Butter Bar

The Chewy Salted Caramel Cookies was also pretty good but I did not find it to be chewy. The one that was served to us was a bit hard. However, if I had asked them to heat it maybe it would taste better. Personally, I like my cookies heated.

Chewy Salted Caramel Cookies

The Fruit Medley Cake, my cousin’s favorite, was just ok. Not the most memorable of the bunch.

Fruit Medley Cake

Overall, the 10 Dove Street Confectionary is a pleasant place to have dessert. I love the ambiance of the place.

As for the desserts, I cannot totally say that I really enjoyed all of them. I am a desserts guy and I was not really wowed by what I had. Probably there were lapses on my part like I did not ask what their best seller was or not choosing wisely what dessert to have.

However, I would love to try their other desserts should I find myself in Cebu again. My cousin did assure me that 10 Dove Street Confectionery offers some really good desserts.

Should you find yourself in Cebu, I would suggest you drop by here to check out their other desserts.

If you have been here already, what desserts should I try next?

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