A relaxing visit at Confex and Co. Bake House

I have long been curious about Confex and Co. Bake House since they opened at their former location at the Madrazo Fruit Complex.


I think it was a couple of months ago when I visited the place for the first time at their new location at The Site, Jacinto Ext. with a friend. Then I visited the place again the other day, alone, to just chill after a long day’s work.


Confex and Co. Bakehouse features a trendy industrial design with its bare walls and exposed ceiling.


They have a decent number of chairs and tables for groups, pairs, and singles. They also have a nice bar table. There were also seating options outside.


When I came here first with a friend, I liked how, in a way, the ambiance promotes conversation between you are your companions. At the same time, it also, somehow, promote a quiet atmosphere too.

I also love how the music they are playing at the cafe is not too loud.

They also have WiFi but it was not very fast.


The coffee shop offers a very simple menu of coffee, desserts, and shakes, all of which are at affordable prices.


I also find the menu amusing for their desserts as each type of dessert, regardless of flavor, have the same price. All their cakes are P80, cupcakes at P35, loaves at P50, bars at P25, cookies at P30, and cookie sandwiches at P80.


For the first visit, my friend and I had their Chocolate Cake, Smores Cupcake, Revel Bar, and Iced Black Coffee (P80). For the second visit, I ordered the Ube and Leche Flan Cupcake, Smores Cake, and Iced Black Coffee.

The Chocolate Cake and Smores Cupcake were pretty good.

Chocolate Cake
Smores Cupcake

The Revel Bar was amazing.

Revel Bar

The Smores Cake was also good but I find it to be too sweet.

Smores Cake

The Ube and Leche Flan Cupcake was my favorite of all the desserts I had here. It was not too sweet and at the same time very delicious. I wanted to order a second one but I had too much sugar already with the Smores Cake. Maybe some other time, I’ll order two of these Ube and Leche Flan Cupcake.

Ube and Leche Flan Cupcake

I also enjoyed the Iced Black Coffee.

Iced Black Coffee


The service I experienced here was great. I find the staff to be friendly and they have a coolness about them that I liked. My orders were also served within five minutes.


Confex and Co. Bake House is a pretty neat coffee shop with great atmosphere, good service, and affordable and delicious desserts. I also find their coffee to be good too.

I recommend this as place you can visit after dinner or after work or just a place to chill alone or with friends.


Location: Door 12 & 13, The Site, E. Jacinto Extension. , Corner V. Mapa Street., Davao City

Business Hours: They are open daily from 1:00PM to 11:00PM

Contact Details: 0921 089 2346

Facebook: Confex & Co. Bakehouse

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