First impressions: Kopi Factory

A few weeks ago I’ve heard that a new 24/7 coffee shop, Kopi Factory, will be opening in Marfori.


I’ve seen social media posts about the coffee shop and also visited its Faceboook page. The new coffee shop caught my interest because based on what I’ve read they are offering “authentic Singaporean Kopi and Tea.”

On Thursday, June 22, they opened their doors to the public. Usually on the first day, I would expect that there might be a lot of people visiting the place; so I told myself that I will visit it a few days later.

On Saturday, June 24, I decided to check the place out, which was still in its soft opening, which means that not everything on the menu are being served yet and the place is still having its finishing touches.

Here are my initial impressions about Kopi Factory.


Kopi Factory is located in Marfori, right in front of Mercury Drug.


Anyway, the place is pretty big with a dining area in the first and second floor. The dining area in the first floor alone has tables good for a group of four. There are also chairs and tables outside.

I would have loved to dine on the second floor but when I visited, a utility ladder was blocking the stairs. Instead of dining up there, I just took a peek to see what it was like. What I like about the second floor is the bar tables facing the windows. There also seems to be a function hall at the second floor.

As mentioned earlier, Kopi Factory is still in its soft opening; so don’t be surprised if you see workers completing some work in certain areas of the coffee shop. However, I’m sure once they are finished with the place, it will look nice.


When I visited Kopi Factory, some of the items they are offering are not yet available. What was available then were signature beverages and some cakes and pastries.


I ordered Iced Kopi (P120) and Strawberry Cheesecake (P95).

DSC_0399-2 copy
Iced Kopi and Strawberry Cheesecake

The Kopi is coffee with a special milk mixture. I tried to figure what the mixture is by simply checking out the drink. I’m sure there was condensed milk at the bottom of the glass. I should just have asked the barista. I enjoyed the Kopi and it made me want to try the other two Kopi items, Kopi C (P110) and Kopi O (P100).

DSC_0395-2 copy
Iced Kopi

I also liked the Strawberry Cheesecake. I loved how it was not very sweet.

DSC_0391-2 copy
Strawberry Cheesecake


The service I experienced when I visited Kopi Factory was just okay. The cheesecake I ordered was served at the counter while the Kopi was served after five minutes.

The service is just okay in a way that though the staff were accommodating — they were able to explain properly why some of the items are not yet available and they were also polite — they did not smile nor were they friendly. As what I’ve observed from them, they seemed shy, which should not be the case for front line staff.



My first impressions here are generally good considering that they are just having their soft opening. They are still rough around the edges but I think once they complete all the work that must be done, they would be a pretty good coffee shop to hang out in Davao City.

I think this is a great place to hang out with friends or colleagues after work or during breaks.

I am also very excited to try their other drinks and hopefully, soon, the food they offer. I just hope they would improve more on the service with a friendlier staff.


Location: Circumferential Road corner Ruby Street

Contact details: 0925 524 7336

Facebook: Kopi Factory

Business hours: 24/7

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