My kind of splurging on a pay day

The past few weeks have been quite busy for me. I told myself that I would eat somewhere nice on payday as a treat to myself for surviving the busy weeks.

Originally, I planned to go to Abreeza Mall to check out the Mindanao Trade Expo and then find something to eat at the Asian Fruit Market, which is just outside of the mall.

Eventually, I decided to have dinner and dessert at Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp., which is one of the must-go restaurants in Davao City. When I arrived at the place, it was packed! So I decided to look for some place else to have dinner. I was fortunately in the Marfori Heights area, which is one of the city’s food districts.

There were a number of restaurants to choose from like Folk Bites, the Vegan Dinosaur, Rumah Kari, and Asian Side Wok Kitchen, among many others. Finally, I made up my mind and went with Street Grub, which is located at Paseo Uno, a commercial building. It was just a walk away from Lachi’s.


I also happen to bump into two officemates on my way to Street Grub. They had dessert at the restaurant while I had dinner.

The place is very hip. It is very youthful in terms of design and feel. The pricing of their food is reasonable.

For my dinner I ordered the Chicken Shawarma Bowl with Turmeric Rice and mild spicy sauce (P210) and the Chef’s Burger (P215).

The Chicken Shwarma Bowl was delicious and flavorful. I find the turmeric rice to be really good. The portion was also generous, I was already full after finishing the dish. I really enjoyed this dish.

Chicken Shawarma Bowl with Turmeric Rice and mild spicy sauce (P210)

On the other, I did not enjoy the Chef’s Burger. The patty was big but it was dry and somewhat needed more spices.

Chef’s Burger (P215)

It was also messy to eat. The burger was placed on a wax paper then on a plastic basket plate. The burger was then surrounded with a puddle of sauce, which became a problem since the sauce caused the wax paper to tear. I had to eat the burger with a spoon and fork to avoid being messy.

Me and my fellow officemates chatted for awhile until the restaurant closed, which was I think around 8:30pm.

As I walked home, I lived a few minutes away from the “food district”, I was thinking of getting something sweet for dessert. At first I thought of stopping by at 7/11 in Torres St.

On my way there, I happen to pass by Sea Green Cafe, which was still open! I always wanted to try this cafe, which was quite near from where I lived. Anyway, I checked if they have desserts and they did.


The place is really nice. It has a very relaxing atmosphere and I find it ideal for friends who just want to chill and catch up. Also a great for individuals who would like to spend time alone.


I ordered the Lime Cheesecake (P95) and Tablea Cheesecake (P95).

The Lime Cheesecake tasted wonderful and was served with candied walnuts, which were also good.

Lime Cheesecake

The star of the night was the Tablea Cheesecake, which is topped with fresh strawberry chunks. It was delicious and rich. The sweetness of the cheesecake and the bitterness from the tablea worked well together. The strawberry chunks further elevated the dessert. I really enjoyed the Tablea Cheesecake and will definitely be back for more.

Tablea Cheesecake

Overall, I was very happy with my dinner and desserts. I would definitely be back at Sea Green Cafe to try out more of their products. As for Street Grub, I would come back for the Shawarma Bowl. That turmeric rice was really good and I want more.

Also, I have to say that the service I got from Street Grub and Sea Green Cafe was generally good. The food was delivered on time while the staff were friendly.

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