A Thirdwheel’s anniversary

A week ago, my dear friends, Ferina and Joseph, celebrated their anniversary as a couple. So when me and Fe met at the office (we work together), she greeted me a “Happy Thirdwheel Anniversary”! (I tend to thirdwheel for the two 😉 ) It was kinda weird being greeted as such but I’ll take it. We then decided to have lunch together as a celebration.

For lunch, we were looking for somewhere that is affordable but serves good food. After checking out some restaurants on Facebook and asking some friends, we settled for Asian SIDE WOK Kitchen, located at the Circumferential Road (just beside Mercury Drug).


I always wanted to try the place out since their food looked good. Also, the price of their dishes were affordable.


Asian SIDE WOK Kitchen offers a good range of different Asian dishes like Thai, Filipino, Chinese, and Japanese, among others.

Pork Asado with turmeric rice (bottom), Pad Thai (upper left), and Chicken Satay with noodles (upper right).

I ordered the Pork Asado with turmeric rice (P119) and Pad Thai (P154) while Fe ordered the Chicken Satay with noodles (P164).

The Pork Asado was delicious. I loved the sauce, it was flavorful while the pork was quite tender. I wish the turmeric rice had more flavor.

Pad Thai

The Pad Thai was also good though it was not as authentic as the ones you find in Thailand.

The Chicken Satay was delicious and flavorful too. The sauce was delicious and the chicken was tender.

The service was also good and the food was served in less than 15 minutes. Aside from offering affordable food, the food portion here is also quite generous. I was already full halfway through the Pork Asado and was already stuffed after eating only half of the Pad Thai.

Despite being stuffed, we went to have some desserts at Lachi’s, which is just a walk away. When we got there, the place was packed as usual. So we decided to check out this new cafe, Cuppycakes, located at Paseo Uno, which is near Lachi’s. My former colleague also  recommended to check this cafe out.


The place looked really cute with its baby pink walls and vintage decor.


We ordered their Mango Bongga and Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake. I forgot how much those two cost but I think it was around P140 each.

The Mango Bongga tasted odd and the mango was overripe. I think it would have tasted good if the mango was not too ripe. The good thing about is it was a large slice .

Mango Bongga

The Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake on the other tasted good but not the best out there. I liked how it was topped with walnuts, which added texture to the dessert.

Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake

The service was quite fast, the cakes and two glasses of water were served in around less than five minutes.

However, the staff was not smiling but at least she was polite and not frowning. It would also have been nice if the cafe placed name and price cards in front of the cakes in their display cases so it would be easier for customers to choose what they want.

Based on this visit, Cuppycakes is a pretty decent cafe. I think I might be visiting them in the following weeks to check out what other products they have to offer.

Overall, this was a fun thirdwheel’s anniversary (LOLs). The food we had was also generally good.

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