How do you like your seafood cooked?

Dimyum founder and owner, Chef Alec Jovero, has come up with a new restaurant concept that will satisfy the cravings of many seafood lovers.

Obrero Seafood and Paluto Restaurant

Obrero Seafood and Paluto Restaurant offers diners fresh catch that you could request to have cooked anyway you want, for a minimum of 200 grams, based on their menu.

For a minimum of 200g, you can have any of these fresh seafood cooked the way you like based on the menu they have

For example, you can have your fish steamed with soy sauce; have your shrimp cooked as sinigang or sizzling gambas; or have your squid stuffed and grilled.

During a recent visit here, Chef Alec prepared Crab in Salted Egg, Crab in Singaporean Chili Crab, Squid in XO Sauce, Tinolang Torsillo, and Prawns in Ginger Onion.

Crab in Singaporean Chili Crab

All of it were great but my favorites ate the Crab in Salted Egg, Tinolang Torsillo, and Prawns in Ginger Onion.

Crab in Salted Egg

The Crab in Salted Egg was buttery and and you really get that unique flavor from the salted egg.

Tinolang Torsillo

The Tinolang Torsillo was a very enjoyable dish. I find the soup to be very hearty and the fish was moist. You would be surprised how despite being a fish in soup, I have tried some where the fish is quite dry.


For the Prawns in Ginger Onion, I love how the prawns were nicely cooked and sauce was flavorful.

I like the concept of Obrero Seafood and Paluto Restaurant. It gives its diners some sort of flexibility when it comes on how they want their seafood cooked or prepared — grilled, steamed, or fried.

Squid in XO Sauce

The restaurant is a great addition to the growing food scene in Davao City particularly in the Obrero areas as it continues to be a booming food district in the city.

Personally, I think that your friends who love seafood would really enjoy having a meal here.

Obrero Seafood and Paluto Restaurant is located along Sobrecary St., Obrero

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