A treat for mom

A few months ago a new restaurant opened along Araullo St., just near Davao City National High School.

The old house along the street has been repurposed to become a restaurant serving homey Filipino dishes. Artisana‘s dishes are comforting and delicious.

I have been planning to eat here but could not find the time. But around the middle of this month, I was invited to try the food here with fellow journalists and bloggers. After the media event, it was then that I decided to treat my parents here for lunch whenever they visit.

Recently, my mom was here. On her first day, we had a late lunch at Artisana where we ordered the KBL (Kadyos, Lechon baboy, langka) (P420), Cashew Crusted Kesong Puti (P290), Boneless Chicken BBQ (P360).

Cashew Crusted Kesong Puti

The Cashew Crusted Kesong Puti was our starter and had a salad on the side. It had bacon bits and was drizzled with lavender honey. It was sweet and savory. I liked that you can still taste the lavender despite the strong flavors from the keso and the honey.

KBL (Kadyos, Lechon baboy, langka)

The KBL (Kadyos, Lechon baboy, langka) was a phenomenal dish. Hands down one of my favorite dishes for the year. The dish just had the right amount of sourness. The pork was also tender and tasty. It was simply a comforting and delicious dish. Another thing about the KBL was it brings back a lot of happy childhood memories. The kadyos was a dish that our family would cook for lunch at my late grandmother’s home on certain Sundays.

Boneless Chicken BBQ

I also liked the Boneless Chicken BBQ. The chicken was tender and it was flavorful. It was a savory dish that just just drives your appetite making one satisfying spoonful after another.

Keso de Bola Cheesecake

We ended our meal with a slice of Keso de Bola Cheesecake (P160). Now, this is how cheese desserts are done. I find the cheesecake to be light. I liked that you still get to taste the keso de bola. I also liked that it was topped with toasted cheese, which adds another texture and flavor to the dessert.

It was a satisfying meal at Artisana. Despite being on the pricier side, I think you get what you paid for with the delicious food and generous serving of food. The service was also great. I liked that the staff is quite proactive.

Artisana is located along Araullo St. near DCNHS. You can spot it immediately as it is the only old house along the street that has been converted into a restaurant.

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