My Top Videos of 2015 (second of two parts)

The other week I featured five of my favorite videos on YouTube and I promised you guys of another set, so here they are:

Open Up the Sky – Sam Tsui& Rita Daniels
Channel: Kurt Hugo Schneider (
Length: 4 minutes 17 seconds

I have been following Kurt’s channel since I discovered it in college. I really enjoy the music videos, covers, and mashups he produces. Of all his uploads, I really enjoyed his one-take music videos. The Open Up the Sky music video, which was filmed at Cebu Pacific’s A330, is by far the best one-take music video I have seen from him. I love planes and this was fun to watch. I think the music is very catchy and the videography was well executed. Check out the behind-the-scenes video to see how they did it.

Adele’s “25” in 4 minutes
Channel: TheSamTsui (
Length: 3:59

I have not fully explored Sam’s channel yet though I have seen some of his videos plus he and Kurt have been collaborating and working together since I discovered Kurt’s channel. However, recently I have watched some music videos and covers from Sam. His mashup of all of Adele’s songs from her 25 album was by far the best from what I have seen. I loved how the songs were mashed together wherein it seems like it is just one song. My favorite part of the song was the last 45 seconds where he mashed all the songs in those few seconds for a grand ending.

4 Gaga by Todrick Hall
Channel: todrickhall (
Length: 5:37

Another amazing medley I found on Youtube. Todrick performs the medley as four different characters, a bellboy, maid, actress, and a receptionist. The medley was very entertaining and the songs were put together really well. The video itself was visually stunning.

How one Tweet Can Ruin Your Life | Jon Ronson
Channel: TED (
Length: 17:11

This talk delivered Jon Ronson tells the story of Justine Sacco and how one tweet ruined her overnight. He discusses how social media has become a platform to hit and destroy other people online. One of my favorite lines from the talk is this: “The great thing about social media was how it gave a voice to the voiceless people but we are now creating surveillance society where the smartest way to survive is to go back to being voiceless. Let’s not do that.”

Elders Play Mortal Kombat X
Channel: REACT (
Length: 11:56

This hilarious video shows senior citizens try their luck and skills in playing Mortal Kombat X. You can see that they really enjoyed every minute of it. What I like best about the video is their reactions every time they successfully make a special move or land a hit and their side comments about the game.

My top videos of 2015 (second of two parts) was published in Sun.Star Davao on January 21, 2015.

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