Kaizen’s new offerings

When we think of Japanese cuisine, one of the restaurants in Davao City that pop into our minds is Kaizen Davao.

Since it began operations, Kaizen Davao has been regularly offering new dishes on its menu that will have its diners coming back for more.

Recently, they rolled out Bento meals, Tamago Nigiri, Loco Moco, Al Hapone, and the Futomaki. I had the pleasure to try out these dishes during a dinner for media and bloggers.

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The various combinations of Kaizen Davao’s Bento meals

For the Bento meals, you can choose among the six different combinations — Spicy Tori and Pork Katsu; Teriyaki Chicken and Pork Katsu; Spocy Tori and Mixed Tempura; Pork Katsu and Miced Tempura; Spicy Tori and Teriyaki Chicken; and Teriyaki Chicken and Mixed Tempura. My personal favorites were the Spicy Tori and Teriyaki Chicken.

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Tamago nigiri

I also liked the Tamago nigiri, which is Japanese omelette on top of sushi rice bound with a strip of nori. I just love that sweetness from the Tamago and how it was balanced by the saltiness of the nori.

DSC_0364-7 copy2
Loco Moco

The Loco Moco is thick beef patty in rich mushroom gravy with egg-topped rice. I find the gravy to be flavorful. The beef patty was also quite juicy.

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Al Hapone

The Al Hapone is the restaurant’s version of the Cubano sandwich. The sandwich consists of thinly sliced succulent beef covered in melted cheese. I find this to be quite good.

DSC_0420-10 copy2

The Futomaki, which means ‘fat rolled sushi’, is a huge nori-covered sushi roll stuffed with avocado, cucumber, denbu, ebiko and a combination of tamago and eel.

Visite Kaizen Davao at the Davao Wisdom Academy, Torres St.

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