A burst of spices

Wady’s Bistro inside Plaze de Bole along F. Torres Street is among my go to restaurants if I am craving for food that would hit you with spices or something that is simply delicious.

While I have been here multiple times already, I have not written about it.

When we talk about the interior, there is not much to say about it. Their tables and chairs are arranged to cater to families and groups of friends.

However, Wady’s Bistro really excels when it comes to their food. What I love about their dishes is it is just packed with layers of flavors. I always leave the restaurant happy.

Among the dishes I love here is the Sweet Sesame Rib Stew, Rosemary Chicken, Wady’s Wild Wings, and their Belgian Chocolate Champorado.

Wady’s Wild Wings

Wady’s Wild Wings is their take on the chicken wings with their own sweet-sour-spicy savory sauce. This is a great way to start a meal at Wady’s. I just love that blend of sweet, sour, and spicy you get from the sauce.

Sweet Sesame Rib Stew

The Sweet Sesame Rib Stew is pot-roasted beef ribs seasoned with sweet, tangy, and aromatic spice mix. I love how the beef is always tender every time I order this. This is a perfect dish on a cool weather.

Rosemary Chicken

The Rosemary Chicken is a personal favorite of mine. Wady’s describe this as “grilled chicken season with aromatic, peppery, and camphoraceous spices.” This has to be one of the most flavorful dishes I have ever had. A bite of the chicken and the different flavors from the spices just explodes in your mouth.

Lastly, the Belgian Chocolate Champorado is just a soulful and joyful bowl of champorado. I just love how chocolatey it was.

A meal at the Wady’s Bistro is always a pleasure. The food is good and packed with flavors. Drop by at Wady’s for a delicious meal.

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