A night with the elephants

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A night with the elephants
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On our first night in Bali, Indonesia we were accommodated at the Mason Adventures Elephant Park and Lodge.

Founded in 1997 as Mason Elephant Park, an elephant rescue facility, it was eventually developed into a five-star accommodation where tourists can appreciate and learn more about the gentle giants up close. The 3.5-hectare elephant park is home to 31 Sumatran Elephants with four being born at the park.

Had a great sleep at the comfortable bed of Mason Elephant Park and Lodge

When we arrived at the park, we were immediately assigned to our rooms to freshen up for dinner. We are not only given a warm welcome when we entered the hotel but it was also felt when we entered the room. Waiting inside was a plate of fruits and Mason Gourmet Chocolates on top of a work table.

The room was big with one queen-sized bed and another single bed. I find their beds here to be very comfortable and I had a very pleasant sleep that night too. The bathroom was also impressively large and well-appointed with the basic toiletries you may need for your stay.

The resort has really great branding

One of the things I really love about their room is the little details on the branding. The slippers, toiletries, and room decors had an elephant in one form or another. Above the bed were also paintings by the elephants.

At around 6 p.m., we were picked up by the resort staff for dinner. We rode an elephant on our way to where we will be having dinner. Prior to dinner, there was a short elephant show.

You can have have breakfast with the elephants at the Mammoths Head Bar

The following day, we kicked it off with a tummy filling breakfast at the Mammoth’s Head Bar.

The breakfast spread was pretty good despite not being as expansive as compared to other hotels I have been to

Some of the activities we were able to experience at the park during the day included washing the elephants, bathing with the elephants, and a Safari Ride.

One of the activities you can do at the Elephant Park is helping wash them in the morning

The most memorable is bathing with the elephants where you get to dip into the pool with them. Washing the elephants was also fun as you get to be really close to these gentle giants.

Meanwhile, the park is committed to ensuring that all the elephants are well taken care of. For example, the elephants are under 24/7 veterinary care, provided with a healthy diet and vitamins, are taken out for an exercise, and get enough rest. The park is also constructing an Elephant Free-Roam and Interaction Area.

Koko Bambu Restaurant’s iconic bamboo ceiling

Aside from the activities at the Elephant Park and Lodge, we also dropped by the Koko Bambu Restaurant for lunch before leaving for our next destination. The restaurant was beautiful! It is built almost entirely with bamboo.

Mason Gourmet Chocolate bars

At the restaurant, we had a chance to check out the Mason Gourmet Chocolate Factory. Mason Adventure’s chocolate factory sources Indonesian cacao beans and processes it to delectable chocolate pralines, truffles, super thins, chocolate coated nuts, and bars. We had a taste of their chocolates, which were really good. Their chocolates are great for pasalubongs.

Jungle Bugies for the thrill seekers

Some of us were also able to try the thrilling Jungle Buggies, Bali’s first purpose-built ATV track. The Jungle Buggies is also located at the Koko Bambu Restaurant.

Since 1989, Mason Adventures has been giving tourists unforgettable experiences each time they visit any of their attractions or properties. Likewise, I took home some memorable moments that I was only able to experience at the Elephant Park and Lodge.

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This article was first published on SunStar Davao on April 17, 2019. Click link here to see the original story.

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