#KapeScene 2020 Pt. 1: Sorry, we’re closed

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to bid goodbye to some of our favorite coffee shops while others have temporarily ceased operations

During the early stages of the community quarantine, Mugshots Wine and Cafe along Tionko was among the first to close its doors. Mugshots have been one of my go-to coffee shops since it opened three years ago.

I saw how this coffee shop grew from being just a coffee shop to a community. Many Friendships were formed in this small coffee shop. It was a go-to for many young professionals and millennials in the evening.

It was here where I learned a lot about coffee and grew to appreciate it. Its owner, Beau, regularly has a bag of coffee beans from different sources: local farmers, proudly Filipino roasters, and quality foreign roasters. A variety of coffee beans mean a different coffee experience with every sip.

I also love hanging out here after work because of how chill the place is. I remember nights binging on episodes of a series on Netflix or just chatting with friends. I will surely miss enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of beer here. I would also miss that delicious Adobo Pasta and the lemon cake.

Sadly, Mugshots’ physical store had to say goodbye. However, Beau continues to roast coffee beans that you can order through his official Instagram or Facebook page.

Another coffee shop that had to close its physical was Fourth Street Cafe along Juan Luna St. Being near work, I find myself coming here quite regularly. During breaks, I would spend some time here. But on a busy day, I would have my orders to-go and have it at work. Its owner, JB, would also let me experience some of the coffee beans he has on stash.

The two-year-old cafe has been popular among workers in the area and students of universities and colleges near it. Fourth Street Cafe has also introduced good coffee to the students dining or studying here. It grew from a small coffee shop tucked in a commercial center a few blocks away from its spot along Juan Luna St. to a widely popular cafe in the city.

They temporarily closed when the community quarantine was at its strictest. However, the coffee shop slowly resumed operations when restrictions were eased. Sadly, they had to close their store at Juan Luna St. due to the setbacks brought by the pandemic.

However, nothing could stop Fourth Street Cafe from spreading its love for coffee. In January 2021, the coffee shop announced that it opened a smaller store along Narra St. You can also order online their roasted coffee beans and signature drink, 0104. You can also order roasted coffee beans from Artesano Coffee Roaster, which JB also owns.

Frog Kaffee, one of the first third-wave coffee shops in Davao City, has also closed its store along F. Torres St. Ma’am Gina, its owner, was among the bright spots of the coffee shop, aside from their coffee. She was always eager to share about coffee. I learned a lot from her and was able to gain more appreciation for coffee.

The coffee shop was a fun place to hang with friends after work. It had a different vibe from the coffee shops I regularly visit. But it was nice to hang out here.

Aside from Mugshots and Fourth Street, there may have been other coffee shops that I have not been to but may have also had to close its doors.

See you soon

There are also coffee shops that have yet to open since announcing it will temporarily close.

One of them was Aulson’s Cafe near Marfori. I have yet to write a full review on Aulson’s despite having visited them in 2019. However, I did include them in my 2019 Favorite Coffee Shops: Honorable Mentions and wrote a short article on SunStar Davao.

I find Aulson’s to be a charming coffee shop. Before the pandemic, they were offering a decent breakfast buffet. I was able to try the buffet in January last year. I enjoyed the food and thought it was worth it.

I do not know why I was never able to write about them here on my blog. I regret that. Aulson’s was a neat coffee shop.

Coffee Grounds Davao has also remained close since the pandemic began. They were also an overall well-rounded coffee shop with delicious food, a relaxing ambiance, and serve a pretty good cup of coffee. They have not provided any updates yet on their Facebook page.

In the South of Davao City, there is this cafe that I have been longing to go to — The Secret Garden Cafe in Bangkal. Due to how far this cafe is, I was never able to visit it. On days I decide to visit, something comes up. However, I have heard good things about them, like how good their grilled cheese sandwich is.

Based on their social media posts, all three coffee shops hope to reopen once they are ready to do so or it is safer for them to open. I understand their decision and support it too. Take your time and open whenever you are ready. I will definitely visit them once they do reopen.

However, it is not all sad goodbyes or see-you-soon because we also saw some new coffee shops opening last year. My blog post would be too long to include these new coffee shops. Hence, I am writing a separate post on the new coffee shops in Davao City that you can visit.

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