Deliciously organic with Balay Verde

After visiting Huni Farm and Gems Farm, we ended our farm to table tour at the Balay Verde restaurant at the second floor of the Abreeza Corporate Center.


The restaurant is co-owned by Jean-Michel Desreumaux and his partner, Francis Eric Tam, of La Fermette in Tacunan; Gerardo E. Suela and wife, Michelle Suelo, of Gems Farm in Tacunan; and Louella Garcia and her daughter Mavic Abisisit of Huni Farm in Wangan.

In an earlier interview I did for Sun.Star Davao, Desreumaux said Balay Verde is a shop and dine concept offering organically and naturally grown produce from different organic farms in Davao City.

“We are into natural and organic farming; so we, the owners, provide most of the products here from our farm,” Jean said.


Balay Verde offers its diners salads (P240 to P270), wraps (P220 to P240), desserts, and some beverages.

The restaurant also offers lunch and dinner buffet at P299, which comes with free-flowing fresh tea. They also have a merienda buffet at P199, which comes with your choice of brewed coffee, hot chocolate, or fresh juice. The great thing about their buffet is the food available everyday is different. Therefore, you have something new to try everyday.

Merienda Buffet


The restaurant also has a corner selling salad spreads, wheat pandesal, vegetable chips, fresh milk, plain yogurt, kefir yogurt, butter, cheese, among others.

Balay Verde’s salads

During our visit here, we were able to try their salads, Hola, Miss Michelle (P270) Lily’s (P240), Kerabu (P240), Midori (P240), The French Farmer (P270), Superfood (P270), King Kale (P270), and Balay Verde (P240).

Getting ready to dig in
Hola, Miss Michelle

Hola, Miss Michelle is a Mexican-inspired salad that is a mix of lettuce, fish fillet, tomatoes, cucumber, red raddish, white beans, corn, and avocado in a honey-lime vinaigrette.


Lily’s is a mix of Roselle flower, golden raisins, cucumber and lettuce topped with white cheese and pan-seared chicken breast in a creamy mayo-celery dressing.

The Kerabu

The Kerabu has pickled mangoes, cucumber, green lettuce, and dried shrimp and pork tossed in a sweet and spicy Sambal Belacan dressing.


The Japanese-inspired Midori salad is a mix of edamame, mongo and alfalfa sprouts, red raddish, cucumber, green lettuce topped with black and white sesame crusted tuna with spicy wasabi vinaigrette.

French Farmer

The French Farmer salad has green and red lettuce, arugula, tomatoes, and black olives topped with aged cheese, quail eggs, sirloin beef steak, and croutons drizzled with creamy yogurt dressing.


The Superfood salad is a mix of quinoa, lettuce, sweet potato, alfalfa and mong sprouts, Roselle flower, and avocado sprinkled with mild chili and coriander and drizzled with light lime vinaigrette.

King Kale

Aside from the nutritious kale, the King Kale salad also has cabbage, chickpeas, avocado, red raddish and quinoa in a sweet and creamy almond dressing.

Balay Verde

Lastly, the Balay Verde salad is the restaurant’s take on the classic Pinoy ensalada. The salad is a mix of green lettuce, tomatoes, salted egg, smoked fish, and kesong puti in a sweet, garlic vinaigrette made from the restaurant’s own coconut vinegar.

Overall, everything tasted great and the ingredients were definitely fresh. I also how refreshing and light each salad is. Personally, I liked the French Farmer, King Kale, and Superfood.

Thank you Balay Verde for this wonderful experience!

Visit Balay Verde at the second floor of the Abreeza Corporate Center, in front of Anytime Fitness. Like their Facebook page ( and follow them on Instagram.(@balayverde_dvo).

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