Brunch at Courtside Sports Cafe

Courtside Sports Cafe has recently opened its doors offering a fairly unique dining experience for its diners.

After seeing posts on Facebook and Instagram, especially photos of the pancakes, I told myself that I have to check this place out.

I visited the cafe during my day-off for brunch.


The cafe is located at Cabaguio Street, Obrero area. For non-residents and those who are not familiar with the roads of Davao City, Cabaguio Street is different from the Cabaguio area.

Despite being quite familiar with portions of Obrero, I barely know any of its streets. So it was kind of an adventure getting here. The good thing was they have directions on their Facebook page.

After working together with the sikad driver, I found the place.


The cafe is situated at this large plot of land, which based on the tarps placed at the fences at the back of the cafe, will be a location of a multi-use sports center. I think that is the reason why it is called the Courtside Sports Cafe.


Anyway, I love the overall exterior and interior design of the cafe. I love the large windows as it provides great lighting in the morning. I love how spacious the cafe felt. I also like the white tables and chairs.


The cafe also has an outdoor dining area for those who want to enjoy the breeze.

Since I came here around brunch, it was not very busy yet. So, I was able to enjoy my meal quietly.


Courtside Sports Cafe offers a range of dishes of different cuisines and are priced somewhere around P100 to P300.


For my brunch, I ordered the Shoot-out (P210), Courtside Classic Pancakes (P149), Courtside Breakfast (P179), Americano (P90), and a single scoop of Ube ice cream (P65).


The Shoot-out is deep fried bacon coated meat and boiled eggs.

Frank taking a photo of the Shoot-out

I was very excited about the Shoot-out when I saw it on the menu but, sadly, I did not enjoy it as much as I would have wanted to. It was not really bad but it was not good either. I find it to be a bit dry and I think it needed an additional dash salt. The barbecue sauce that came with it helped a lot though.

On a positive note, I love how the Shoot-out was presented. I like how the cutting board was made to look like a basketball court.

Courtside Pancakes

The Courtside Pancakes, which is their own blend of pancakes served with caramel syrup and cream, was my favorite dish.

Mike using a lightsaber to slice Courtside Pancakes

I love how fluffy the pancakes were. Their pancake blend was also not very sweet, so I went a bit crazy with the caramel syrup. I would order their pancakes in a heartbeat.

Courtside Breakfast

The Courtside Breakfast is the cafe’s take on classic beef tapa served with garlic rice and sunny side up. The beef tapa was delicious.


The Americano was also good.

Ube ice cream

The Ube ice cream was my least favorite. I did not get that ube flavor. The ice cream was sweet but there was some strong bitter taste coming from it.


The best part of my experience here was the service. The staff were friendly, attentive, and accommodating.

I also find it amusing that instead of addressing me with the usual “sir”, they call me “coach.” It is nice to see that the sports theme is not not only in the aesthetics but also in the service as well.


It was a pretty good brunch at the Courtside Sports Cafe. The place is great and the food is pretty good. The service I experienced was also great.

I would recommend you try this place out if you are looking for a different cafe experience.


Location: Cabaguio Street, Obrero, Davao City

Facebook: Courtside Sports Cafe

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