2017 Favorites Part 1: Coffee Shops

Better late than never. It seems like work has caught up with me as I have not updated my blog for weeks. Anyway, I would love to highlight my favorite coffee shops, food, and desserts from last year’s food trips in my blog posts in the coming days.

Last year we saw the opening of a number of coffee shops in Davao City. I reviewed some of these and was pleasantly surprised how much I loved these. Aside from visiting the new players, I also had the chance to revisit some of the existing coffee shops.

However, the new coffee shops truly made an impression on me in 2017.

With the handful of coffee shops I visited, here are my favorites, in no particular oder, from last year’s visits:

Sparks Coffee + Crafts


One of the first coffee shops to open at the start of 2017 was Sparks Coffee + Crafts. What I love about Sparks is their food, which I find to be really delicious. The price of their food and drinks here is similar to what you would find in other coffee shops but what I really like at Sparks is the good quality and quite generous serving size of their food. I think you get more than what you paid here for.

Bacon, Cheese, and Egg Waffle

The coffee shop also some of my favorite dishes from last year, whether it is the Spark Sandwich or their phenomenal Bacon, Cheese, and Egg Waffle, the food here is really good.

Spark Sandwich

Their coffee-based drinks here are also good. I love their cappuccino and iced Americano.


The ambiance of the coffee shop is great as well and I love how relaxing it is. Over the course of 2017, when I find the need to take a break from work, I would come here.

The wireless internet service they got was also pretty good as compared to most coffee shops. I am able to properly stream on YouTube and Spotify. Uploading and downloads documents and photos is also quite good.

Click here to know more about Sparks Coffee + Crafts

Mugshots Wines and Cafe


What I love about Mugshots is the overall ambiance of the place. I love how casual the atmosphere of the coffee shop is. I love how conducive it is to work at or study during off-peak hours and at the same time I also love how it is a great place to catch up with friends or colleagues.


Another great thing about the coffee shop is they serve really good coffee. I am a fan of their cappuccino and pour over coffee.


Mugshots’ wireless internet is also pretty good.

Click here to know more about Mugshots Wines and Cafe

A&V Cafe


Tucked within Madrazo Complez, A&V Coffee was like discovering a precious jewel. The coffee shop serves a really great cup of coffee and coffee-based drinks. My favorite here is their cold brew, which is refreshingly delicious.

DSC_8672-2 copy
Cold Brew – Donna

While the food options here are very limited, they were delicious. The Irish Nachos is a really great dish to share or you can have it all to yourself.

DSC_8829-2 copy
Irish Nachos

I like how the coffee shop is a great place for those who would want to spend time alone or read a book.

Click here to know more about A&V Cafe

In my next blog post, I will be sharing my favorite food, desserts, and drinks.



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